【Ridin’ Club】 Ep.1 – 라이딩 대결의 서막 | NCT DREAM Riding Battle


💿➫ NCT DREAM’s new album “Reload” will be released on 29th April, 6PM (KST).

Music Release ➫ 2020 04 29 6PM (KST)
MV Release ➫ 2020 04 29 6PM (KST)
Album Release ➫ 2020 04 29

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#Ch_NCT #채널NCT

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  1. اوني لو سمحتي ترجمي الحلقة الثانية🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏بليييييييييز

  2. Woy yang bisa jawab. Aku tanya beneran. Leadernya NCT Dream tu Mark apa Jeno. MAAF SEBELUMNYA SEKIAN DAN TRIMAKASIH!!

  3. 코로나와 여러 가지로 지친 세상을 깨끗하게 만들어줄 목소리로 이세상을 치유할 컨텐츠 찍읍시다..? 런쥔 커버 컨텐츠 찍어주시죠????

  4. is nobody gonna acknowledge the fact that haechan stuck a haechan sticker on renjun's neck,,,,, this is a win for renhyuck stans

  5. I don’t why it’s funny but Renjun and his freaking Tostitos he literally won’t put them down idk why that’s funny Tostitos if you see this sponsor him please 😂

  6. 2:37 OMG!?! Jisung was ready to fight at that moment makes me died under the blanket😂😂😂😂
    Edit: He was so funny at 3:44 too

  7. Why does jisung like to talk with the things surrounding him for example here he's talking to the wall then in the nct dream cooking show he's scolding a plant…..tell me jisung what is sm feeding you??


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