Alps Outdoorz, Upland Game Vest X, Orange


Find the Alps Outdoorz, Upland Game Vest X in Orange at

This video shows the vast array of features of this upland hunting vest, including…

Ultrathin shooter-friendly shoulder straps for maximum shooting comfort
One large wrap-around game pocket that can unzip for easy cleaning
Two front shell pockets – fits a full box of shells
Lightweight vented back and waist belt
Improved waist belt design with two flip-down gun rests
H2O compatible
One large rear organizational pocket
Two extra gear pockets
Two water bottle pockets
Two radio pockets

The Alps Outdoorz Upland Game Vest X with Orange has about every feature you need to keep you in the field longer.

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  1. Looks like a meh design, the water bottle pouches are too far back, the ammo pouches look awkward, a whole box (TWO?) of ammo for upland??? I carry 12ish rds (two handfuls) for 5 -7 pheasants. . . the radio/ecollar control pouches are waaay tooo small. My Tenzing looks 10x better and that could stand improvements.

  2. nice video, i just bought this vest after searching for awhile and had difficulty finding a vest that wasn't built for a fat ass. It certainly looks badass and the video helped to explain the different features as there are many. Ill post a review of this vest once I get a few solid hunts in.

  3. Remove the velcro straps for the shell pockets, and use a different way to hold it shut. Too many complaints about that pocket opening up in the field due to snags. Other than that, solid pack!

  4. I'm wondering why you didn't put a link directly to the product in the description – even the web address you included is not an active link – make it easy, not complicated, for people to give you money…


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