AMAZING YouTube Studio Background Idea (You Need To Know About!)


Check out this AMAZING YouTube Studio Background Idea (You Need To Know About!)****** Watch our FREE YouTube Home Studio video series ➡️

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Neewer Photography 3 Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background

2️⃣ Neewer Photography Single Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background

3️⃣ Newer Photography Backdrop with Stands

4️⃣ Savage Seamless Background Paper

5️⃣ GVM RGB LED Video Lighting Kit

6️⃣ Three Point Lighting Setup (Best Lighting for YouTube Videos Tutorial)

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In this video Omar from Think Media shows you a backdrop idea for your YouTube home studio. This setup is a great simple video background setup for Youtube and any videos you’re filming. This DIY YouTube background is all laid out in the video above and comment below if you have any questions about this home studio setup.

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  1. Question of the Day ⚡ What do you use for your YouTube background? Let us know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 * Check out our FREE YouTube Home Studio video series ➡️

  2. Anyone else starting their YouTube Channel during quarantine? Didn’t realize how difficult it is to actually have good quality videos! But thank you, @ThinkMedia, because I am working on improving my channel and video quality! Y’all have helped a lot!! 💖💖

  3. great ideas, question….If I get just a light grey backdrop and splash a green light on the back would that work like a Green Screen, this way I wouldn't have to buy a green paper roll too. I sometimes use green screen. thanks

  4. I also bought a few vinyl backdrops because someone said it would be a great budget choice. But I hate it cause it has wrinkles and I don't know how to get them out. I think paper would be better

  5. WOW!!!! this is so cool! before you mentioned the video lighting kit. I was thinking to myself how it would be cheaper for me to buy gels and play with color. My budget is TIGHT!!!! also I rent and I don't think they would allow for damage to walls. is there an alternative ? Great video and content .

  6. I’m currently using fabric pieces for my backdrop, looking for a different look which is how I stumbled across this video! Thank you!

  7. We have the four roller setup on our ceiling for auditions (in my office). It’s awesome. We have fabric instead of paper. I recorded info on it. Will link in a response if I find it.

  8. Which version of grey do you recommend for the seamless rgb backgrounds? I don't want to buy a dark grey and then you can see the colors from the rgb lights. Thank you.

  9. Stands are definitely a lot more work! Love the photo mount idea! Will find out if they are available here in Lagos, Nigeria! I just got some coloured backdrops for my birthday on the 1st and I can't wait to try them out! Those GVM lights are super cool and versatile! I used to shoot with only natural light but now I'm using softboxes and a ringlight and the quality of my videos has gone up soooo much 😊

  10. I usually use green screen, but I really like this roller system. I especially like the color hack with the lights for more thumbnail options.

  11. This is great. Thank you for sharing this helpful, pertinent info. Question: if I use the white paper roll, and the same light kit–would it be possible to project green light and use this set up as a green screen?

  12. I use a portable backdrop support that I never take down. I haven't decided where I want the backdrop system mounted yet. Your wife is very sweet for putting it up in the dining room. Mine is too formal therefore, I would have had a horse. LOL It's looks really nice there. You thang the something today, because I didn't know this systems were that simple to mount. Although you lost me at mounting. It would fall off the wall if I do it. I thought there were poles to slide the paper through . I love Salvage seamless. I have a 9 foot white seamless. Great information !

  13. For my backdrop I currently use different views of my art studio, artwork and vintage toy, vinyl figure collection. This is great content. Thank you.

  14. Thanks for the feature! We always recommend supporting your local camera stores by shopping in-store when possible and to save on shipping costs. Because our backdrop rolls range between 5ft – 9ft wide, oversize fees are common. Find your local dealer here: or browse our online dealers to find the best deals:

  15. This is super amazing and super helpful!! I live in Taiwan and will see how I can get similar equipment to have the setup done!!

  16. I love this tip! Thanks THINK media and Team. That ens slide is SOLID! I will definitely be using that approach. TY


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