Battlefield 1 Dumb Bugs/Exploits


I still don’t know why the melee aimbot is in the game. It’s not like it makes the animations better or more fluid.

00:00 Martini-Henry Bug/Exploit
00:58 Double Melee/Swipe Bug/Exploit
03:24 Medic/Support Box Bug
04:28 Multi-Class Gadget Bug/Exploit
05:16 Invisible wall behind Bomber Pilot Bug
07:16 Melee Aimbot
08:40 Melee Damage Bug with Ladders

With some of the melee stuff we were originally trying to see if you could get a headshot with it because kia mentioned experiencing that one time when we were streaming. So far no luck.

“Don’t worry guys it’s a ( insert excuse here ex:beta )”




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  1. the graphics arent a bug. the shining and sparkling is the sunlight reflecting off of every single renderable object that can reflect light. yes, even the sand becomes more grainy and reflective

  2. I think the reason the pilot can’t be shit out from the back is so that you can’t instantly take them down in fighter planes by shooting the pilot

  3. Hello ravic, i'd like to know what are your game videos settings ? I love your videos about people thinking you hack, keep on going

  4. So uhh ravic……have you ever been to a dessert?…..cause im pretty sure that the grains in the sand are shiny

  5. I regret buying this game now 😒😒 No wonder I get hit points up the ass then get killed in one shot, this game is full of bullshit

  6. did anyone notice that when he did the ladder bug and threw a medkit pack that it went through the building?

  7. the sparkliness is an inherent issue with specular reflections in games and TAA was specifically designed to counter it, so it's pretty normal behaviour.

    The reflection issue is due to screen space reflections which is only used on ultra(and maybe high too?) which gives overall better reflections but also has a lot of edge cases where it doesn't work properly. On lower graphics modes it just uses the environmental light probes for reflections, which are lower res and usually only reflect the world only(no soldiers, vehicles or other dynamic things)

  8. That's actually weird cuz I once slid under the bullets of a a sentry and stabbed the sentry in the front with a knife and got the kill

  9. Well… this video was pretty bad… Maybe think a bit more next time you try to sound like bug hunters/professional testers.

    Wouldn't it be fun if there was no invisible wall behind the pilot of a plane? Just getting killed as soon as an enemy plane starts chasing you? Yeah, sounds like the game I want.

    A melee aimbot makes no sense? Making a task as simple as it is in real life does not sound very stupid. Just play a simple free-to-play game like the old Battlefield Play4Free to get an idea of how stupid things look when you don't have a melee aimbot. Aiming a gun in real life? Hard. Aiming a shovel in real life?… And do these things make the game unfair/unplayable? I don't think so.

    You guys are the reason why developers don't care much about their community sometimes. Pissing on the ideas of others is so easy, go do something else.

  10. The reason I stopped playing was the spawn bug that either dropped you on squad members already under fire, it shouldn’t, or spawned enemies on guys you’d just killed. Got fed up with that pretty quick.

  11. I know it's an old video but don't you use the ammo box/medical box trick in Battlefield 4 as well? You place them on your jeep so that when a tank shoots at you it has a chance to hit the box causing your jeep to survive.

  12. hear me out here…
    the shovel wont go through the armor but maybe the needle is thin enough to slip in between the atoms of the armor

  13. With the medic bags they do that in bf4 also sometimes I'd put a bag don't and use it as a sheild and sometimes I survived too.

  14. when you're in a mortar truck and you fire the mortar and then quickly switch to the machine gun your mortar will shoot out of the machine gun barrel, directly into the ground a few meters in front of you. discovered it today


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