Dendy: Russia's Fake Nintendo Console


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In the 1990s Russia experienced the growth of its video game industry. The first console to ever gain popularity in Russia was Dendy – a Russian bootleg version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Hope u like and sub thx xoxo
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  1. "shooting fireballs, since when does Mario do that?"
    Since the original Super Mario Bros on the NES which was released in the mid 80s.

  2. Kinda surprised Sega didn't have a presence. Sega eclipsed Nintendo easily in Western Europe, as well as Brazil…so shouldn't Master System have a bunch of these clones too?

  3. Anyone in other former Soviet countries like Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia ECT…. was the dandy relased in any other former ussr state? and how did it do ? 😁😁 curious

  4. Its just like any business anywhere in the world. US or Russia, the result is the same. Top executives profit and steal all the money and leave the company like a sinking ship.

  5. my brother bought a nes when he was 13 cuz he was a tech nerd (he was born in 1998) and my dad told me it wasnt working correctly and my dad wanted to take it apart but my brother just hit it and it worked

  6. Is everyone just going to gloss over battle toads being available at 8:00??
    am i that old that only i remember this glorius meme?


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