Dice and Dragons – Cowboy Bebop Boardgame Boogie Review and How to Play


What up Gamers! Today on Dice and Dragons we are reviewing Cowboy Bebop Boardgame Boogie by Jasco Games and Team Lynnvander. Below are Time Stamps to help you navigate the video with a brief description of the game following

Time Stamps
0:11 Intro
3:02 Components
12:47 Setup
18:57 How to Play Part 1
29:50 How to Play Part 2
38:59 Review
51:21 Outro

Cowboy Bebop Boardgame Boogie is a cooperative game for 1 – 4 players where you take on the roles of your favorite characters from the anime series like Spike, Jet, Ed and Faye. During the game you must capture bounties to keep the Bebop running as well as deal with your personal issues. Does this game look like it captures the spirit of the anime or is this it look another awful licensed product stay tuned to find out. If you like what you see comment subscribe it won’t cost you your best girl, nor will it cause your ship to breakdown!

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  1. Thank you for this video. I’ve been interested in this one, as a Bebop fan, but was worried about the replayability if it stuck too much to the show itself. Has this been an issue with your plays since doing the review? Do you still own the game and enjoy it? Thanks!


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