Facebook Creator Studio Tutorial


In this Facebook Creator Studio Tutorial we’ll run through how Creator Studio is set up, where you schedule posts for Facebook & Instagram, how you can answer messages and DMs, as well as where to access your Insights (analytics)!

Access Creator Studio:

How to schedule Facebook Business Page posts in Creator Studio:

How to schedule Instagram posts and IGTV videos in Creator Studio:


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  1. @fiveminutesocialmedia When i try to create an instagram post, it doesn't let me add content from an already published Facebook post. Pls help me

  2. Question: My facebook and instagram say that they are linked but when I try to go to the instagram tab it says I need to link accounts. I can post from instagram and I will see it in the creator studio but I can't access the instagram section which is kind of the entire point…any thoughts?

  3. Hey Jerry Thanks for the Video.. Do you need to create a new facebook account or do you need to use your own personal account for monetization of videos??

  4. I had already started using Creator Studio and it was such a relief to ditch all the 3rd party apps for scheduling. Thanks for your help as it has made me dig deeper into Creator. The stats are great insight for my clients.

  5. Great job explaining this social media jungle, I still have a long way to go so I will mosey over to your other videos which I'm sure are as good as this one.

  6. Can you possibly help me? I think facebook created another duplicate page for me…I thought it was tied to my instagram account, but it may be because I tried to connect my shopify to a business page. Somehow now I have two ad accounts, and it's all messed up! Do you have an hourly rate? My email is katyep1134@gmail.com

  7. Hi Jerry. I juz saw this video of yours today and I have a question. I have got a FB Jewellery Business page since past so many years. Now recently I came to know about Instagram and I created the Instagram Jewellery business page also. Now I got more then 75 folders on my FB jewellery business page. Each folder has 1000 pictures so 1000 New jewellery designs. So in total I got 75-80 folders. Now from past 3 months I am able to copy and paste only 3 folders till now as I couldn't sit back that long. Now can your video help me directly to move the entire each and every folder which has 1000 pictures each alltogether on to Instagram. Please guide me on that if yes. If you can help me with this I will be very very very grateful to you as you would help me in saving me from backache which was due to sitting lots and lots of hours in front of computer entire day

  8. there's a sort of glitch in it. everytime i switch to the instagram view a message like: an error occurred while loading the page, please refresh… always appears

  9. Hi there! Video was very informative. Do you know why I wouldn't have the messenger option when i go to the inbox option?

  10. Hi
    Thanks for the video
    Please may I know if the creator studio minimizes they quality of pictures as compared to using later or direct posting


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