Foldio2 Plus Unboxing and Review – All-in-one Portable Studio Light Tent


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The Foldio2 Plus is Orangemonkie’s brand new, updated version of their popular Foldio2 and is a convenient and portable product photography and video studio light tent. Created by Orangemonkie in South Korea, Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone or camera to easily take high quality pictures. It creates new levels of possibilities with smartphone photography.

The Foldio2 Plus is the latest model from Orangemonkie which now comes in the larger 15″ / 38cm size. Like its predecessor the Foldio2 Plus features an applied magnetic structure which enables the setup to take only 10 seconds. Not to mention the use of high quality magnets to hold the Foldio2 Plus in it’s sturdy cube shape for extensive use.

Unlike other mini studios / tents, backdrops are typically cumbersome and time consuming to mount. With the Foldio2 Plus it’s easily mounted with the use of a magnetic backdrop mounting strip at both the top of the studio tent.

The main differences to the Foldio2 Plus and the first Foldio2 include:

– The new Foldio2 Plus features three high performance triple diffuser LED strip lights. The focus is on maximising the lighting performance with the quality of LEDs as well as adjusting the position of the lights, compared to the two LED strip lights from the previous model that had to be self applied and positioned by the user. As a result, the in-built lighting was designed to decrease the shadows of subjects more efficiently than the Foldio2, as well as provide more overall output.

– The addition of the same dimming controller as the Foldio3 which allows you to control the intensity and dim the LED light strips. This also means the new Foldio2 Plus is compatible with the popular Halo Bars for additional lighting (sold separately).

– A new magnetic top cover that can be removed and reattached with ease. This allows for easier access to shoot through the opening and take professional quality flat lay photos and videos for social media or your website. Stills, videos or stop motion shots have never been easier!

– Compatibility with the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover (sold separately) which encloses the front opening of the tent to assist with reducing reflections on reflective products such as jewellery, glassware etc..

The new Foldio2 Plus is compatible with Halo Bars and perfectly fits the Foldio360 product turntable for an entire product photography setup, which are all sold separately.

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  1. Jeez the background music is so damn distracting I want to finish the video but I can’t even stay focused and follow along because of the background “music”

  2. As a Product Photographer, looking to add this to my arsenal, I combed through youtube looking for a video of someone actually showing how to set this up. Quality content, always. Also, the background music is perfect my guy, ignore the negative comments.

  3. I like this video EXCEPT for the music constantly on loop, and at a constant volume, because this particular track has Theremin-style instrumentations in the melody, which rise and fall in volume. This makes it VERY DIFFICULT to stay focused on the narration.

  4. It's really not worth the price. Where I live its sold for 189,25 dollars. Mine was missing a magnet on the side. The light isn't that bright either. Disappointed..

  5. Thanks for your video, I have been enjoying my Foldio 2 for a few years now and finding that flat lay is always a challenging one. I think I need an upgrade 😀

  6. Hope you enjoy the unboxing and review of the brand new Foldio2 Plus. Do you have Foldio currently or are in the market for a studio light tent? Leave your questions down below and happy to answer them!

    Some timestamps below:
    5:12 – The new dimmer for the Foldio2 Plus (similar to the Foldio3)
    6:19 – Compatibility with the Halo Bars
    8:43 – Mounting the backdrops
    10:34 – The magnetic top opening
    11:45 – The brand new Foldio2 Plus Front Cover (sold separately)


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