Game Design Process: Designing Your Video Game


In today’s video, we continue our series on game design process. We will show you how to conceptualize and differentiate your game design’s vision, how to define your design priorities, and how to communicate your vision so that you can gets others on board with your plan.

This is the second video in a two part series – View part 1 here:

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  1. Then you should focus-group your design and eliminate everything that isn't popular, then run it by a bunch of suits and eliminate anything that they don't think is profitable. Or just make a game that's a clone of something that sold well.

    Make the game that you are dying to play, but no one else has decided to make. Prototype early, and murder anything that you think is boring or takes too long. Don't get lazy about iterating and improving — don't quit until you are happy, and don't be so easy to please.

  2. i love mario been playing since i was a kid and the most magical part to me is the beauty of the levels like rainbow road

  3. portal has a great core game loop.

    1.good story
    2. fun elevating puzzles that eventually get impossible.
    3. makes people think.

  4. Magical moment: watching a homing missile arc right into some little hearts dreams and hopes of actually winning against ME! I’m the man. I’m the man. Sorry that took me way back.

  5. I am so happy YouTube recommended this video and your channel for me! I'm looking forward to more great content, keep it up!

  6. LOVE this video and the channel. This video is the absolute NO.1 informative video about game design. Though I just had a thought that it would be even nicer if this channel uses easier vocabulary. Since I'm a Korean student I'm not really the master of english so I get easily stuck with words like 'retention' 'crux' 'erring' 'brevity'. So I have to pause video, google those words one at a time, and come back and resume. If you'd be so kind to care just a little bit more for non-english users like me, it would be wonderful.

  7. In elevator pitch stage, should be also point about creation a visual first impression of game (logo, screenshots, trailer, few sec gif) its even more important than text because one picture is worth thousands of words

  8. What book would u recommend to get more information about this topic ?….Design pillars, Magic moments etc.

  9. but how are you supposed to create a new big world without having a long game document? I mean all the monsters and stuff?

  10. There are some ROBLOX games that have great game loops, like Mining Simulator. You have to mine blocks, sell blocks, then repeat.


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