Hotel Story: Build & design your dream resort to richness – Android Games for Childrens


Build & design your dream resort to richness! Hotel Story is a time management game for motels & resorts. Upgrade and invest your facilities to attract special guests and tourists! Be the best hotelier!

★★★★★ If you are looking for a hotel simulation game thats fun and strategic to play, this is better than any other out there

★★★★★ Best management game I’ve ever played… Made even more awesome with different kind of facilities that you can choose from.. And its also time consuming… Which make it even more exciting!

✔ Creativity is your limit, build your dream hotel resort from scratch
✔ 80+ facilities and decors, 20+ guests to unlock!
✔ Multiplayer! Visit other hoteliers and collect tips
✔ Play offline. Manage your resort without having to waste data
✔ Optimized for Galaxy S4, Note 3, large screen devices

*Players can pay real money for in-game currency, this can be changed in Settings.


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  1. The beds will turn into pink if you have young couple*, *Adventurous couple I forgot the old couple name but yeah..

  2. I had this game but then my data got deleted and I was so far too it!!!!!!!! 😭 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭


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