How To Download and Install Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Free


Hi guys, In this video I am showing you how to download Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 full version free on Windows. Watch it till end & Share it with those who are willing to download powerpoint 2010 for free on Windows.

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About Microsoft PowerPoint:
What can you do with PowerPoint?

Communicate with confidence

You have a story to tell, and PowerPoint is designed to help you tell it. Use Presenter View in PowerPoint 2016 to review and rehearse your presentations so you always know where you are and where you’re going next. When you project your presentation to a second screen, Presenter View displays your current slide, speaker notes, and the next slides in your deck so you can stay focused and connect with your audience. And with auto-extend, your slides always appear on the correct screens.

Design like a professional—in seconds

PowerPoint Designer Tool tip about how you need an Office 365 subscription to use PowerPoint Designer automatically generates a variety of ideas that you can choose from to make your slides look better. While you’re putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background to match that content to professionally designed layouts. Designer adds style to slides that have photos, and it turns text into an easily readable SmartArt graphics. Designer automatically suggests options for you when you’re online and you add a picture to your PowerPoint presentation.


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  1. I downloaded this but my PC can not show window explore options to open it as show in video what can I do ?

  2. Thanks bro it's working first I can't do but I saw your vidio 3 times then I did thanks bro it's working❤️

  3. Hi there! Badly needed this but unfortunately, it just shows completed but there's no file downloaded after. What's wrong?

  4. hi when I tried downloading it asked for the permission , but in your video you did not mention of the permission . My question is that will it cause problem while using the software.

  5. When I am downloading it’s showing me that it has virus and chrome has blocked it from being downloaded what to do

  6. yaar banda pehly baaatai na ka 32 bit ky lie hain..pora process kia baad mein keh raha hin ky 64 bit k lie nae hin ab koi tareqa bataw kia karo


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