How to Make A Simple Game in Python (For Beginners)


In this video I explain how to make a simple game in python. The game that I will be creating is very simple and is for beginners. Making games is a great and fun way to learn how to code and is something cool that you can show your friends and family.

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  1. hi i am 10 years old and this is my first game after doing this i was ale to make many games like tic tac toe and space invaders

  2. Sir, I love watching your videos and learnt a lot from you.
    I'd like to mention something, before I could watch this video I had to watch 2 adds, 2 adds!!!
    I hope you can understand.

  3. This program is only made for yes but if we don't want to play and we type no so it's showing us the questions only

  4. Hi! This was very useful thanks! I made this game, but I want to change it a little….I want to use a loop so that if you write 'no' to "Are you ready to play?", it will just ask you again until you write 'yes' I tried this code:

    while (ans) != "yes":
    input("Are you ready to play? (yes / no): ")
    I played with the indenting etc., and it will loop it but if you write 'yes' after writing 'no' it just keeps looping :(. If anyone happens to be watching and knows my problem let me know, thanks! And much appreciation for the tutorial, these types of videos are so helpful!!


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