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Welcome to Syntax_Error, the show where I analyze topics that relate to game design and try to teach viewers how to develop their games. In this episode I attempt to create a list of steps developers can take in order to plan their games and make it through the pre-production phase of development.

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0:00 – Intro and Overview
2:11 – Step 1 || Brainstorm Gameplay Ideas
3:37 – Step 2 || Create a Gameplay Prototype
4:54 – Step 3 || Experiment with the Prototype
5:41 – Step 4 || Determine the Game’s Scale
8:25 – Step 5 || Brainstorm Story Ideas
9:27 – Step 6 || Create a Character Bible
10:42 – Step 7 || Outline the Story Events
12:15 – Step 8 || Make a Story Exposition List
13:21 – Step 9 || Expand and Refine the Story Outline
14:00 – Step 10 || Refine the Game’s Core
15:00 – Step 11 || Create a List of Level Ideas
16:29 – Step 12 || Write Your Story
17:35 – Step 13 || Create a Debug Mode
18:40 – Step 14 || Plan the Intro Level
20:40 – Step 15 || Plan the Intro Boss
21:22 – Step 16 || Plan the Intro Cutscene
23:00 – Step 17 || Revise, Then Exit the Pre-Production Phase


Special thanks to everyone who stuck with this show and it’s countless changes for two years!

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  1. The game planning in this video is all over the place – I recommend for anyone watching that they order these "suggestions" in a list and decide on task assignment FIRST for example DON'T DO "game design documents" during the last week of making your game: this goes for the video maker as well – keep your ideas structured don't just tap on important things that need doing during the first week at the end of your video like this: seriously, if I planned anything out like this my game would need redesigning before I even managed to finish.

  2. Wow, as someone who is going through exactly this right now, this was an amazing video to find. Awesome work man.

  3. So I took your advice. Since we've last spoken, I've begun creating my first game and it's almost done. All I have to do now is add more flair to it! When it's all done would you be interested in taking a look at it and telling me what you think for my first game?

  4. I love this! I'd like to see a more brief one as well I think. I am trying to make my first game, I know some basic coding and basic aspects of game creation and story creation. Everyone says just to build something basic for your first game, mainly to ACTUALLY FINISH BUILDING A GAME. However this seems dry to me. I want to build some kind of RPG that interests me enough to keep going through with it, yet don't want to work on something that I can't finish :/


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