How to Plan Your Game Development Project


Game development planning can be the difference between success and failure with your video game. In this video we are going to show you all of the core pieces of a world-class game development planning process so that you can be sure to impress potential stakeholders and financiers and get the support you need for your project.

One of the biggest challenges in making video games can be securing external financing to pay for development costs. Building a thoughtful and well-structured development plan is the backbone of any pitch for investment.

So what will potential financiers want to know from your game proposal pitch? Ideally that you have a great game concept, and a well thought out plan on how to build it on time, on budget, and at a high quality level. This can be achieved through a variety of ways, and should always be customized to the intended audience – but there are a few customary elements to any plan that you would be well served to include in your pitch. In this video we’ll show you every element.

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  1. What do you think are the key parts of a great video game development plan? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for watching and supporting our channel!

  2. If you're looking for a project management tool for game developers with playful interface and a powerful Discord integration, make sure to check out Codecks!

  3. I subscribed 🙂 This channel is really Informative and well presented! Its like watching a Ted Ed video about Games! Love it!

  4. Great video, I have serious planning problems, because I always work alone. My current project is a JRPG for PC/Steam and Sega Mega Drive. This video helped a lot ^^

  5. 1. Learn the Tools 2. Steal everything you can, or buy assets 3. cheat cheat cheat… …. 25. think about what you CAN make and then use all your stuff from before to accomplish it.

    Dont give yourself the idea you would be in any dimension able to build the Game you Imagine. You will only try to put an Elephant into a Bottle.

    Steal every technique, copy the Gameplay, understand others Code, and scrap all that shit together and hope it does not fall appart. Use Google Images to create Art and models. As long as you dont get copystriked at the end, you will at least have something and dont get stuck every fuckn day untill your so depressed that you shot yourself.

    You should not try to make it right, you should always think about how you can scip effort. GameDesign is brutal, the tools are insanely hard to learn and all the other skills you /or you and your friends need are just out of your league. Accept that early and find a way to make it possible despide the 1/100000000 Chance that you will surrender before the finish line.

    Good Luck Nerd

  6. I love how this is so closely related to non-game software development. Thanks for sharing this informative video.

  7. such a shame that these things aren't really used anymore. like look at companies like ea or any other companies that released games in the last 2 years alone.incomplete game after another.

  8. Awesome Information, now I see I had quite alot of things out of place. I am a young guy with a business background but I would like to start my own game company. What would you advice me to put in mind for this to be successful?

  9. As a non native english speaker this video was too fast and the key elements were only said one time quickly. I endend the video just remembering I should do a plan and try to estimate stuff :/ I don't know why I have a problem with this video while I has no problem with the other video I watched on this channel.

  10. Can u do a video on how to get your game popular? Can’t seem to find a really in-depth one.
    P.S. Love the channel

  11. I love your videos. I also love the production and everything about it. I myself is soon to be a game designer n glad i found your channel for refrence. can u guys make a video on how to get game ideas please like story n such?

  12. This channel is interesting. I do not really like his formula and tone. And he talks about obvious grounds. But it is quite concrete and focuses on facts. And too many calls to actions.

  13. I wolud like to have an schedule model to base on my first game development project. If any of you have one in Microsoft Project it will help me a lot!.

  14. this video is insanely helpful <3 i appreciate the level of insight, its hard to find some of this stuff out there!

  15. I feel like in reality many projects miss their deathlines, don't they.


  16. At my game dev studio, we struggle with planning for the time it takes to quality assure tasks we complete. It's worth taking the time to establish solid benchmarks and processes for what passes the quality check process and how the process works

  17. Damn, I am way too open and not conscientious half of this shit. This is what business partners are for and whenever I have to deal with this kind of stuff I will most likely have to keep my mouth shut.

  18. Awesome video. There is so much needed to make a decent game. Game designers need to be project managers and work well with others. Is there another video that takes about the key roles needed? The indie dream is a small team, like 5 people or so. What 5 people's skill sets would you pick? Programmer, artist, etc…

  19. Hey game Dev can I make money while sitting at home. If yes how and how much and plz tell that how to get sponsorships

  20. I feel so bad because you put so much effort in your videos and for me you are one of the most underrated channels but im sure it will all pay off! Great video as always.


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