"I Stumbled Upon What I Thought Was A Body Farm, But It Turned Out To Be Much Worse" Creepypasta


Thank you Edwin Crowe for this amazing story. Please check out his work!
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  1. And thats it? Is this an old Alfred Hitchcock show, that always ends without a definite outcome? Hands down to the author that did not gove a definite ending, but as always a two thumbs up for your narration which is always superb.

  2. Idk what it was about the reckless-unto-suicide friend, but it felt interesting. I didn't quite get how the guy didn't see the yellow thing while actually filming the thing. And holy shit, a soldier points a gun at a civilian's face? This is some SCP bullshit going on here.

  3. I was watching a real body farm the other day. I never knew they were a thing. I might donate my corpse to them. Let them stick it in a metal mesh cage and watch me rott for science.

    Itll save my family a 4kun fortune.

  4. Why is it wives in creepypastas more often than not seem like selfish or nags or at the most bitchy? I don't want you spending time with him then proceeded to demand he spend time with her family. Seeing his mind was some place else instead of asking what was wrong, is he okay and getting out of her own bubble she proceeds to berate him for talking to his friend.

  5. For people that don't know a body firm is a school for training . Forensic investigators.its a place set up with different types of scenarios. Using cadaver bodies for forensic crime scene investigators to learn different techniques.thay tried to show something like this on the series bones. But if anybody's really curious there are more correct educational programs about it on YouTube, and so forth.

  6. 17:39 "my phone vibrated. It was a picture of my wife and her parents"
    17:45 my phone vibrates. 15% battery life….. No one loves me. Crawls into body farm and waits

  7. Awwwww… C'mon now..
    All ya need, is about.. Oh, let's say.. 20, maybe 25 gallons of gasoline, an air compressor, a.. "25 gallon pressure resistant steel tank, to put the gasoline in", a handful of air-line connectors/adapters…& a thick heavy tarp.. "that will completely cover the.. "termite mound."
    Then, take the "fuel OUTlet" end of a LONG hose, coming from the fuel tank", and, if no apparent opening can be found, take a 1" steel rod & punch a hole into it.
    Then, turn on the air compressor.. which will force pressurized gasoline INTO the "mound", and into any connecting subterranean holes, tunnels, etcetera.
    Once ALL the gasoline is in.. reel up the hose.. stand off a good 40-50 yards, & use a.. Roman-candle, flare pistol or whatever, and fire AT the now, UN-tarped mound.
    Once any lingering fuel.. liquid or vapor, ignites, the..flame front.. "explosion" will travel underground, making KNE HELL of a… "KA-WHUMMP" sound.. aaaand maybe, crack a fee nearby foundations, break a few windows.. set off the car alarms.. in about a 2 city block radius.. & probably a few other minor little.. "side-effects."
    If that.. yellow-tendrilled…thingamajig, is close by for the.. "show"…if it doesn't kill it.. I GAURANTEE…that little.. 3.5 on the Richter scale man-made tremor, WILL sure make its butt pucker.
    Like I said.. "if" it isn't killed.. it's probably gonna decide.. that dudes back-yard.. may NOT be a good place to put any more.. doors. L. O. L. ,

  8. I got to 14:51 and just went "Aw Man this is about to get reeeally good!" Love this channel the stories and execution are perfectomando!!🤗

  9. And this is why I'm never getting married. What a bitch! The first thing she says after he tells her he had an accident is asking if he did it on purpose to avoid her psychotic family. Unbelievable.

  10. SPOILERS (summary for myself)

    Basically someone trespasses into an unknown area, finds a bunch of bodies, and films it before running home. Sends video to a friend, who lets him know there's weird yellow tentacles snatching the bodies into weird mounds which the protagonist didn't notice while filming. His friend goes to the place only to be snatched up by the tentacles and never seen again, and more areas get fenced off with a weird logo just like the one for the area the main character trespassed into. Mounds are seen in these areas just like the one before, and one mound pops up in his back yard which he refuses to mess with. Tons of family drama drags it down.


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