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TRON: Legacy is not only one of my favourite movies but incredibly underrated in my opinion, so when LEGO Ideas came out with a set based on the film I just had to make this video. Whether you’re a fan of TRON or me, I present to you my LEGO TRON: Legacy! Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out all the links below for other content and social medias for exclusives and behind the scenes. Also be on the look out for the next video : “Lego Black Panther Episode 1: The Throne of Wakanda”, and more videos coming soon! Thanks for watching and hope you’re having a great day …


Big thanks to my Dad and my girlfriend for helping paint and glaze the HUGE set piece for the light-cycle race segment!

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Thank you for watching, almost 163,000 subscribers, over 110 MILLION views and reading this far, I appreciate you. Got lots more videos planned so keep checking in and hopefully enjoying the content, take care! This one was for the TRON fans!

AND NOW, time for the description joke that you’re all here for:

Tom was hanging out with his friends Bill and Sam.

Bill whispers to Sam, “Hey Sam, I think Tom has a lisp.”

Sam says, “Why do you think that?”

Bill answers, “He can’t pronounce the letter T.”

Sam then yells to Tom, “Well Tom, let us see then.

Tom asks, “Legacy what?”

HAHAHA- you kind of have to go back to get that one.

Get it? “LeT us see” and “LeG-a-cy” because he can’t pronounce Ts.

And TRON “Legacy” heh HEH?

Usually I’d make fun of my own jokes but I worked hard on this one so.

Y’all better appreciate it.

Anyways, bye.

Also the music in this is from The End. Remember that video of mine that flopped? Yeah me neither.


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  1. The explosions and sounds are perfect, like in the Movie. The animation is so smooth and of course the fights were really good.


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