Lil' Howie's Fun House The Great Word Adventure – Videogame Longplay (1996) / No commentary


Lil’ Howie and his friends, Stinky and the Alphabot, welcome you to Lil’ Howie’s Fun House. The Great Word Adventure has 8 fun-filled and educational games for children ages six to nine.
Start off in the Library, then hop in the Alphabot for a trip through the Maze. Test your firing and word skills in the Stink Gun; take a musical rhyming turn in the Ballroom; and don’t miss dunking Stinky in the Peanut Scale. See how much fun learning can be as you take a trip in the Attic; whack your way through the Cheese game; sneak into the Scary Story room for some ghoulish tales; and put your construction skills to work in the Compound Word game.

Each game has five levels of difficulty. Because children are better at some skills than they are at others, they may be at the highest level of difficulty on one game, and the lowest level of difficulty on another. This is perfectly normal. Your child may need some extra help or encouragement on those games where his or her difficulty level is lower than on other games. While these games are very helpful in teaching letter and word skills, they are also lots of fun, and children should be encouraged to play and have a great time. We hope they have so much fun they realize that learning is the greatest adventure of all!

There are several approaches to playing in Lil’ Howie’s Fun House. Your child can choose to go on The Great Word Adventure, and become familiar with each room while Lil’ Howie does the driving. Your child’s score will be compiled and the difficulty level will be set for future games. Your child can choose NOT!, which take your child through Freeplay. Your child then has the opportunity to practice each activity at his or her own pace. A difficulty level will be set for future trips through the Fun House based on your child’s performance the last time through the adventure.

Voice Over Performers:
Howie Mandel
Maurice LaMarche
Kevin Dorsey
Michael Sorich
Sarah Ezrin
Charles Fleischer
Romany “ROM” Falco

Opening Song
Coin’ To The Attic
You’re Gonna Be Scared
Music: Mike Tavera
Lyrics: Billy Martin
You ‘re Smart
Music: Mike Tavera
Lyrics: Bob Ezrin, Andy Muson

Scottie Haskell
Susan Logan
Rick Logan
Todd Jasmin
Gene Moreford
Billy Martin

Starring Howie Mandel

(c) copyright 1996 7th Level, inc.

Dutch version:

One thing that I have noticed is that the music in the English version differs from the music in the Dutch version of this game. I’m not sure what’s up with that.
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