Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (Extra 10) – The Bleeding Black


Note: Keep in mind, when I recorded this game on DesMuMe – it runs much slower and SFX and voice sounds a little horrible, unlike what you see in video. So I’m NOT a cheater. It’s my computer’s kinda fault for being weak.
How to get this Mini-Game: Remain in Idle Mode. This Gag begins when black begins to drop down from the top screen to the bottom.

How to get “Henery Hawk” Coin: After you win, Daffy will throw a fit, then the screen will go completely black. The words “GAME OVER” will appear on the screen, watch the letter “R” for the sparkle.

Information: Roll the wooden stick over to Daffy and then tap to break it so that the blackness falls on Daffy’s head! Tap the bottle of headache pills to make them go away! Timing is the key to winning this game. Don’t break the stick until the opportune moment. Also, the bamboo sticks cannot hold the weight that the wooden stick can, so wait until the right moment to break the wooden stick. You will want to move the sticks around so that Daffy will be near the last one that breaks. To move a bamboo stick, move the wooden stick right next to it so that none of the black appears between the sticks, this will allow you to move the bamboo stick over a short way. Put the bamboo next to Daffy before you break the wooden stick. It takes three taps to break a wooden stick. Once you move a stick into position, tap it twice. This will allow you to have the sticks ready when the time is right. When moving a wooden stick, do not immediately touch it, you risk the chance of the game
registering the touch as a tap to break it. If you want to move a wooden stick, touch the screen to the side of the stick and begin moving it in the direction you want to go.

Normal and Advanced Games difficulty: INSANELY DESPICABLE!!! (I’m not kidding, folks!)
Game Developed by WayForward and Published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Looney Tunes characters belongs to Warner Bros Studios

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I lost this game because of situations like 3:05, where Daffy would stand in between the sticks and bamboo. Since you need the stick to be near the bamboo, you’re basically softlocked until Daffy decides to move (if he decides to move; I swear, he stands there forever). To me, this was the only unfair mini game. As a whole, I really enjoyed the Duck Amuck DS game. Definitely true to the Looney Tunes style and it also has some creative game styles (that “Close the DS” one in particular always stood out to me).

  2. It glitched on level five to where Daffy put one of the sticks offscreen, so no matter what I did I couldn’t hit him

  3. As a kid, I'd always suck at this game. Like, I don't think I ever made it past level 4.

  4. See, that's a lie! I've never played this game myself, BUT: Daffy says: "What's wrong with video games these days? There's no challenge!" Yet, based on all the YouTube videos I've seen – Of THIS! – this is probably the most challenging game since Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero! Shit! I beat Milton/Bradley's Perfection game for crying out loud!!

  5. Oh wow!This mini game is for luck,sometime,Daffy place the stick at the wrong place and it's really hard to win…
    In the french version,the sparkles is at the down left of the black screen when there is"FIN"or"JEU TERMINER"Don't remenber…


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