Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (Extra 14) – Other Mini-Game Gags and Character Coins


Note: Keep in mind, when I recorded this game on DesMuMe – it runs much slower and SFX and voice sounds a little horrible, unlike what you see in video. So I’m NOT a cheater. It’s my computer’s kinda fault for being weak.
How to get useless “Recording Gag”: Leave Daffy in Idle Mode and then rip the background in the bottom right corner. When Daffy repairs it with “duck” tape, tap the tape. When he begins ranting a volume knob appears in the bottom right corner. Turn the volume all the way down.

“Recording Gag” Information: Record your voice in place of Daffy’s. Press the red button to record, the green to play, and the blue to stop. Experiment with the different icons for variations when you play a recording: woman icon (play back is at a higher pitch), man icon (play back is at a lower pitch), wavy arrow (add reverb to play back), double arrow (switch between play back being in reverse or normal), slide bar (change the pitch in mid-play). This gag is REALLY useless, if you’re playing this game on emulator.

How to get secret “Close the DS”: Close the DS (or press LID button on DesMuMe), while Daffy is in Idle Mode. Once he tell you to “open up!” do so. REMEMBER!!! You can get this mini-game gag ONLY ONCE per day.

“Close the DS” Information: Help guide Daffy to the creature by closing the DS (or pressing LID button on DesMuMe) and listening carefully to his instructions. Open up (or press LID button) when he tells you to. You might want to turn your DS (or emulator’s sound) to full volume so that you can hear Daffy clearly when the DS is closed (or screen is white on emulator).

How to get “Pepe Le Pew” coin in “Close the DS” gag: When the wooden Acme box drops from the sky, watch for the sparkle effect.

How to get “Hector the Bulldog” coin in “Close the DS” gag: When Daffy tells you to open the DS, if he is standing in front of a large mirror, watch on the mirror for the sparkle. WARNING! This coin is tough to get due to the random cutscenes during gag.

How to get other coins during Random Idle Mode Animations:
1) When Daffy begins talking about the greatness of having two screens, he pulls out a soccer ball, watch on the ball for the sparkle. Touch it to unlock “Bugs Bunny” coin.
2) Stay in Idle Mode until you see Daffy walk off the right side of the bottom screen and appear on the left side of the top screen. After the top-screen Daffy drops to the bottom screen, watch for the sparkle. Touch to it to unlock “Marc Antony” coin.
3) A sound meter will appear when Daffy mentions that the DS has a microphone that you can blow into, watch the top of the meter for the sparkle. Touch it to unlock “Tazmanian Devil”. NOTE: Taz’s character coin doesn’t appear on the Character Coin Scorecard, but you can view his description in the Looney Tunes Character Painter.
Game Developed by WayForward and Published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Looney Tunes characters belongs to Warner Bros Studios

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  1. The useless mini game, it is my favorite in the entire whole game, because you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO DO ANYTHING

  2. Has there ever been any other DS game where you play the game in sleep mode??
    Damn, Wayforward, even in yer lesser projects, ya still manage to impress!

  3. I remember the ds game where you closed the screen and the game would work like that. It's the only ds game i know of that actually does this and surprised no other developer or studio decided to make it. I also remembered that I discovered the minigame by accident. It was funny when i found out when i opened my ds back up.

  4. Daffy Duck: Now what? What are you doing down there?
    Daffy Duck: Down here? What are you doing up there? Down here!

  5. how do you move left and right while closed as an emulator? i'm using a emulator called free ds for android 6, click here for the app i'm using: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cpu.free.dsemulatorv6&hl=en_US

  6. Kinda late to the party l, but I knew about the secret mini-game that triggers when you close the DS thanks to National Geographic Kids magazine. One of the issues videogame section covered Duck Amuck, and mentioned about how you could close the DS and listen to Daffy complain about the dark.

    Thanks, Nat Geo Kids for telling me about that one! Might have missed it otherwise.

  7. This game really needs a remake. It had such great potential, and clever ideas, but there were so many missed opportunities.

  8. Are you suppose to hit the d-pad buttons? Or the ones marked with the letters? And can you give a demonstration on how that LID button thing works?


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