Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck – Main Game (Part 1)


Note: Keep in mind, when I recorded this game on DesMuMe – it runs much slower and SFX and voice sounds a little horrible, unlike what you see in video. So I’m NOT a cheater. It’s my computer’s kinda fault for being weak.

Anyway, this game is kinda tribute to old Looney Tunes – because new Looney Tunes… Oh lord… It’s horrible. Objective of this game is drive Daffy Duck to maximum rage. To do that, beat mini-game. If you do, he will rage. If you don’ – he’ll be much calmer. Unfortunately, this game kinda sucks. Because, there’s no way for you to play this game without stylus or built-in microphone. This and second part contains main part of the game. After that, I’ll showcase how to get other mini-games and how to get character coins to unlock secret mini-game. Also, try to beat hard mode of these mini-games.

Game Developed by WayForward and Published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Looney Tunes characters belongs to Warner Bros Studios

Nguồn: https://rozanighani.com/

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