Millipede vs Centipede!


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In the contest of “most legs”, Millipedes and Centipede are absolutely the main contenders!

Myriapods are some of the most bizarre creepy crawlies to inhabit the earth and they come in all shapes, sizes and…numbers of legs…but what are the major differences between a millipede and a centipede? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, Coyote Peterson is about to show you…

Get ready for an up-close look at the Desert Millipede vs the Desert Centipede!

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  1. I remember having a pair of male giant african millipedes as pets. Such beautiful and gentle creatures. A perfect and fascinating invertebrate pet for any kid! Very safe and hardy. Quite simple to look after. Completely herbiverous so easy to feed. Would reccomend to anyone

  2. 3:04 “All you need to do is wash your hands”

    People standing in the middle of nowhere: ;-;

  3. i understand a lot of pople are scared of the pain the venom can inflict and leggy bugs in general but i dont really see how the centipede look more intimidating than say a hornet or wasp. purely by looks they remind me more of general bathroom bugs or earwigs a bit bigger. As for pain i'd rather get bitten by those guys than a box jelly or a deadly spider even if id have to scream for a day…

  4. Cyote: aye what y'all want for breakfast?

    centipede: the souls of the innocent

    millipede: a bagel

    centipede: N o !

    millipede: two bagels

  5. If millipedes were a cartoon they would be in my opinion sponge bob and if centipede were a cartoon character they would be spinel in my opinion

  6. I found a baby centipede in my barn my parents didn’t believe me so I showed my mom she killed it by stepping on it

  7. Millipede:
    Centipede: i'm going to kill you i want to kill him i want to eat you i want to walk fast pet me plz wait no i hate you kill him now now now

  8. Millipede:Hi wanna be fri-


    Millipede:Peace your crazy✌

    Centipede:NO LETS FIGHT

    Millipede:Why would I fight a weak duckling😎

    Centipede: :O I know you did not just-

    Millipede:Yes I did now good day sir😎

    Centipede:*in the black and white room*

  9. When I was five I was playing in my tent filled with teddy bears and toys then my older cousin saw something and it was a black widow we got very scared and ran out of the tent we told our parents our parents Sprayed the poor thing the end.


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