New Studio Couch


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  1. Greetings Lisa Marie! My suggestion is that you just center the two mirrors together (nothing in between). The room has come together so nicely. That gold sofa pops against that blue wall. Just gorgeous 💕

  2. My suggestion remove the water dispenser, it throws off the look, don’t put to much, in the space, everything else would look great.

  3. Beautiful color wall and sofa. What if you centered the sofa against the blue wall, then bring together the white framed mirrors (centering them over the couch)? Add art of some sort on the outer ends of the mirrors. Just a thought. Beautiful taste! Congratulations and love your vids.

  4. Design it's what I do and I love it it's my passion you have taken a color that is opposite of the color wheel with that navy blue and you just made it Dynamic and very Afrocentric you are so talented continue doing your work sister because I love what you do in our homes and in our lives may God bless you


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