New Water Sport "Skarping" Peoria Carp Hunters


Peoria Carp Hunters
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Nate and Zac have created a new sport. We fused basketball, fishing, and watersports. Skarping is an entirely new way to have unbelievable fun behind a boat. There was a lot of “backyard ingenuity” used to come up with more effective ways to battle these carp. This year we have had Nightline film with us and Animal Planet, as this new sport has really caught the media’s attention.
Please enjoy, and don’t try this at home.
Zac & Nate

Link to Nightline Episode:

Animal Planet:


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  1. We aren’t allowed on our lake unless it’s fishing related due to the social distancing. I wonder if we could get away with this. 😅

  2. I love to do this one day. Don't u know Carp fish here in Asia is a delicacy?! I'd love to raise fish in my pond someday. Carp fish are tasty.

  3. i like the idea. But I think some of these categories (like the trident and the bow) are unnecessary pain for the animals. Just dont want them to suffer that much. But im all in with the dunks!


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