One Spread Quick Game Passing Concept to Rule Them All


Is your Spread Offensive Playbook too bloated? Do you want to simplify your spread quick game passing concept? Good. Because I talk about how you only need one Spread Quick Game Passing Concept in your Spread Offensive Playbook.
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  1. Coach, are your WR splits you have here on Hudl the same ones you practice? I assume getting the widest splits possible forces the OLB to make a decision, as well as keeps the stick route away from hook to curl zone.

  2. Do you ever see defenses rolling their coverage? Your examples here are great IF the DC of the opposing team does not make an adjustment to the coverage. We are assuming Cover 2 in all these examples. How would you adjust these simple concepts to a defense who presents, for example, Cover 3 Sky with pressed CBs?

  3. They have to do something about these rpo’s and non eligible players going downfield. The sticky gloves and targeting rules have made defensive football difficult enough.

  4. Do u have anything on scat concepts? What you have drawn up here is called scat in ncaa 14, I've heard other ppl refer to scat in 3 by 1 sets short to mid range routes where one of either the farthest outside or 2nd furthest takes a deeper corner or post, the game also has those but calls them switch.

  5. Follow me back on twitter please. @adairbailey. I’m a aspiring head coach and love this offense and would like to discuss a couple of plays with you

  6. Hey Coach, I noticed (9:18) you have 2 Sticks in Trips Rt Y Stick. How do you communicate A running a(nother) Stick rather than his normal Shoot Route? Thanks!

  7. ….and I would as a DC assign my Will LB to your RB who embraces the Rule dont let no. 2 cross your face and don't let no. 3 out flank you. My corners are inside leverage playing press bail and turning their back to the receiver as he commits to a corner go route. My SS is in the Box plant driving your stick route. If your no. 2 blocks down on my LB my SS plays crack replace. We have 3 to 4 rallying to your No. 3.

  8. Great video and explanation for beginners… I plan to emulate some of your teachings this year. Could you repeat some of your videos like shallow cross etc.. with an explanative like this video.


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