PA Student vs NP Student || Medical Jeopardy Game Show || Who Will Win???


PA Student and NP Student go head to head in Medical Jeopardy! Play along with them, and stay til the end to see who wins!

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Hey Everyone! I’m Adanna and I am a PA student documenting my journey on becoming a PA [ Physician Assistant ] – PA School

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April 5, 2017 – My first interview for PA School!
April 7, 2017 – Phone call of Acceptance into PA School!
May 30, 2017 – My first day of PA School! (Orientation Week)
June 20, 2017 – I was voted First Year Coordinator of my Class for the Student Society of my school!
August 18, 2017 – Finished my first Semester of PA School!
August 26, 2017 – Received my short WHITE COAT!
December 14, 2017 – Finished my Second Semester of PA School!
May 18, 2018 – Finished my First Year of PA School!
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June 19, 2019 – Completed all my Clinical Rotations!

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  2. I am a nursing student and I knew majority of the questions lol. We don’t really go over integument in nursing school so I wouldn’t know it…. but its true, whatever you don’t use you lose. Once you are in your specialty you will pay attention to you’re area.. If its a cardiac problem… consult a cardiologist haha

  3. Watching this as a second year med student and I’m like, ahhhh these extra years are worth it lol. These questions were super easy 😃

    Also, ivacaftor is a cystic fibrosis drug.

  4. “I make films and I love Jesus” literally husband goals 😂 I wanted to be a filmmaker but now I just can’t get over midwifery and business wise I think it makes so much more sense for me so I’m hoping the Lord will have me marry a guy that I can live vicariously through lmaoo

  5. Have you heard of and/or tried a subscription for something called SMARTYPANCE? I’m trying to decide whether I should go for that membership or the Picmonic membership before I start PA school in the fall

  6. Peace be to you guys! This was great fun! I hope you do more videos with your wonderful husband! You guys are such an awesome team! I'm so PROUD of you 14,000 subscribers and climbing!

  7. 13/19 for me. I am reviewing endo because I failed the exam by 1 point (74) so I have to retake it so im happy, but that was an easy thyroid question. We also not too long ago took our nephrology exam and I remember them clearly saying do not foley cath a pt with pyelonephritis. I like these because I can see what I know. There is also some of these things we havn't gotten to yet or were not mentioned at all in classes.


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