Pirates Of The Caribbean Game Evolution [2003-2017]


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Pirates Of The Caribbean Game Evolution [2003-2017]
1:Pirates Of The Caribbean:The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003]

2:Pirates Of The Caribbean [2003]

3:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Multiplayer Mobile [2006]

4:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest PSP [2006]

5:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest GBA [2006]

6:Pirates Of The Caribbean:The Legend Of Jack Sparrow [2006]

7:Pirates Of The Caribbean:At World’s End Ps2 [2007]

8:Pirates Of The Caribbean:At World’s End [2007]

9:Pirates Of The Caribbean:At World’s End Wii [2007]

10:Pirates Of The Caribbean Online [2007]

11:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Aegir’s Fire [2008]

12:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Armada Of The Damned [2010] CANCELLED

13:Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean:The Video Game [2011]

14:Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean:The Video Game DS [2011]

15:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Master Of The Seas [2011]

16:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Isles Of War [2013]

17:Pirates Of The Caribbean:Tides Of War [2017]
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  1. Holy crap! I remember playing the GBA one. I recognize the song used in the game (because it's also used as the title theme) i only got stuck in the first level tho…

  2. That Xbox version is going to be pretty hard to beat in the graphics department. I will keep watching but I think they have peaked. Edit. I was joking but after finishing video I think my joke turned out to be accurate. Damn

  3. Welp time to bug Ubisoft to make a Pirates of the Caribbean game. It could be like assassin creed black flag.

  4. So Armada of the damned was the last good attempt at an open world Pirates of the Caribbean game, and even that wasn't based on the actual PotC storyline or character.
    I guess it's a good thing it was cancelled…

  5. Hey. Nice addition of the Jack Sparrow character's picture on the right half of the thumbnail picture for your re-upload!

    Ah, that was pretty nice and clever of you to clearly indicate which platform version some of the multiplatform games being showcased were in the text overlays.

    There are just two issues, which is why you need to check multiple times the text overlays and platform versions being shown, before uploading the videos.
    The 2nd clip of At World's End shown (4:15) was stated to be the Wii version. However, the visuals are from the DS version because of the dual screen layout.

    Secondly, the handheld version of the Lego game being shown (6:50) is of the 3DS version, because it's too beautiful to be the weaker DS version. The DS version has no ingame lighting and characters are sorta cel-shaded. Also the PSP tag from the higher end version (X360/PS3) should be put together with the tags of DS, 3DS & Wii in the handheld version's clip, because almost all of them have similar looking visuals.
    Ref: DS version: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/612249-lego-pirates-of-the-caribbean-the-video-game/images?page=5

    3DS: https://nintendoeverything.com/first-lego-pirates-of-the-caribbean-the-video-game-3ds-screenshots/

  6. This franchise had so much potential in the early years, all they had to do was get a good developer. I guess naughty dog would have nailed this franchise👍


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