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  1. I dont have aseprite, I have photoshop, is there a way to do the mirror function like you do on aseprite? Sorry if you've already covered this.

  2. writes L on the t-shirt – – – -talks about refference i have no idea about – i'm a simple man. I grab an apple, and scream for my lazy shinigami to get his ass here. He might know a thing or two about those things.

  3. i realy wana learn but i dont get your tutorial everything you do on the program i cant seem todo how did you get your thing to look like i grid i go in view setting grid, and it doesnt do it , you used gbstudio in the beginning of the video so spent time looking for the same screen , only to find out it was asesprite so had to buy aseprite, i figured out how to put the colors in 1 by 1 and now my page has a blank square with the colors what next??

  4. Hi!! I just started puxel art last night and I stumbled upon your channel. Your vids are helping me alot thanks. I am just having problems with color stuff cause my brain gets doodoo when it comes to that hahaha

  5. “It’s L, he’s into death note. Thumbs up if you got that reference!”

    You said the thing that was being referred to. Of course anyone got it.

  6. Not sure if the girl in these videos is a real girl or just petes amazing cross dressing skills put into action…. he is a wizard with his computer, why not at hiding his dong as well 😉

    I kid, thanks for these vids man, its making this quarantine really fun

  7. Please continue man, Youre like the Brackeys of Pixel Artists. Super Chill, Actually feels like im talking to a friend teaching me stuff.

  8. A couple years ago I bought a pack of Duracell batteries. Ordinary copper top alkalines. The package guarantees they'll last 10 years in storage. Several of them leaked. Called the number on the back, I was on hold for awhile and then a guy was perfectly helpful, took the batch number of the package and mailed me a coupon to replace the batteries. A couple days later, I crank up an interesting looking Youtube video and that little pop-up across the bottom is talking about commercial battery disposal.
    The internet is horrifying.

  9. a a a thanks a lot for this! I'm a beginner at pixel art and wanted to try out GBDev and was running out of ideas for my sprites… thanks again my dude!

  10. Here is what the subtitles said: "This is so funny, I'm here to teach you cuteness…"
    I just laughed. Great video!


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