PreSonus Studio One 5 – Everything You Need To Know


Studio One 5 new features include;

Score Editing.
Show Page.
Clip Gain Envelopes.
Keyswitch support, editing, and mapping.
Poly pressure and MPE support.
Melodyne 5 Essential integration.
Timestretch mode: Tape-Resample.
Marker Track Inspector.
The complete suite of Studio One’s Native Effect plug-ins have a fresh new look and some amazing new features
Extended Mixer Scenes.
Aux Channels.
Independent Listen Bus.
Recording and playback
in 64-bit float WAV format.
External MTC/MMC Sync
Studio One 5 Artist now includes;
VST2/VST3/AU plug-in support now included (64-bit only)
Rewire support now included
Studio One Remote support now included


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  1. Why doen't my V5 no longer see my Presonus 32S board? Thats why I bought the board but since I upgraded to Studio One V5, it no longer works. Its now just an expensive sound card. I checked on line and no info.

  2. Just do a ''Pattern Central'' where you can edit audio side by side with normal patterns in a loop style like Ableton or Bitwig and a dedicated ''pattern tool'' for drowing or draging the created loops. And why is it so hard to bring all de inserts and sends in one window whith the macros and routing like in Cubase. Also a mini mix section on bus/fx channel to adjust all sends in one place like with the sidechain. Isnt Studio One suposed to be a supereasy to use DAW?

  3. This DAW is sooo damm confusing! I was trying to switch from FL Studio, but there's too many things that are present in the DAW, which confuses me🤦‍♂️😭!

  4. I wish to add just two things more. First, a seperate window (square) for EQ in mixer console like Logic has and second, it's more for graphics kind of taste but they could change the shape of clip. I mean not simple square but a little curved each corner like the did in a perform mode.

  5. Just Finished My Professional EDU download I'm newborn to S 1-5 transitioning from FL and GarageBand. So excited to get to work. Thanks for the tips

  6. One of the saddest things about this particular product is the fact that, even though requests have been submitted for accessibility support in particular for VoiceOver for the Mac, but also for any windows users using screen readers. Presonus have failed for so long to implement any form, or complete redesign to include all the support needed to use screen readers like VoiceOver. I wish Presonus would listen to the blind and visually impaired community. Come on, Apple managed this with Logic Pro 10.5 after they started making serious moves on accessibility from logic pro x 10.1, over the years it's shifted to the point that logic is a breeze to work with. Avid's Protools / Protools HD is also accessible through VoiceOver and has been since Protools 9 / HD9 with some amazing support from developers and the blind community. Why can't people like presonus, Steinberg, Bitwig, Ableton, Propellorheads, etc, get on with the needs of blind and visually impaired customers, from students, to tutors and industry professionals.

    I go back to when I was a music student and how bad things were for music technology. If I had the software I have now, back then, I would have had equal chance of working with fellow peers and studying the same material. Today's colleges and universities are training students in various DAW's such as Cubase / Nuendo, Ableton, Reason, etc, none of these pieces of software, including MOTU DIGITAL PERFORMER can be used by a blind user. no form of accessibility what so ever, you can't use any form of navigation, spoken feedback, nothing. We need these changes to happen. Don't forget, we're just like the rest of the consumers out there, we want to put money in to these developers pockets, probably they don't want "blind money". it's not dirty or infectious. Shame on these manufacturers.

  7. Still no track templates? And marker implementation still leaves a lot to be desired. And S1 is still a resource hog compared to other DAWs. I use S1 4.5 primarily but not sure I'll upgrade again. Maybe I'll go back to my tried and true Cakewalk which is still a more mature DAW IMHO. I've been giving Tracktion Waveform Pro a bit of a go and I still have to see how my workflow pans out after a few projects. Anyone else here use that DAW much?

  8. Very frustrated right now. Nobody has made a proper video tutorial on re amping a high gain guitar amp in studio one. Please help !!!!!

  9. I only care about one thing:
    Is there native clip gain now? That's worth the price of admission alone. I really hope they added it!

  10. my favorite part of the S1-5 was the last comment on different scenes for the musician in the control room mix! that was spot on and a real knee slapper!!

  11. Regarding volume automation in clips, and creating quantised sine waves, etc… I'm guessing you have the same tools for creating all kinds of automations to control parameters of plugins, right? That would mean you can load a pitch plugin and control pitch value drawing a sine wave synched to tempo (or not). And there goes your vibrato! =)

  12. Thanks for the vid on the new features. I am curious how you made the Vocal IDEA scene which only showed the vocal part. Did you hide all the other channels to create this, or is there a easier option where you just select the channels and somehow make a scene?

  13. Can someone elaborate on what they're talking about at 26:55, about importing drum maps from for example Toontrack drum libraries? I have EZDrummer and I would love to be able to see the names of the drums on the notes, but I can't find anything about importing them…

  14. Question please – what's the equivalent in S1 to Cubase's Time Warp tool?
    I'm working with video and I'm using this technique all the time ->

    Without something similar I just can't think of how I can compose to video with the same ease I'm used to from Cubase.
    I do love S1 speed! Such a joy to use.

  15. To be honest: I´m underwhelmed. There nice to have feature, but not really once which would make me buy the upgrade.

  16. studio one 5?…. what in the actual fuck presonus?! this happened when i got 3 and now again when i got 4. how about some kind of warning that your about to release a new version before we fucking upgrade only to find out were behind the update curve?

  17. PreSonus Shell Game with software features, every new option feture can be carried out with previous operating version. Most notable headline feature is the learning curve, reeducating oneself with yet another programers presentation of the same software product. Studio One 4 is to Studio One 5, as PreSonus Quantum 4848 audio interface is to the FireStudio Lightpipe interface. Yes, THE STUDIO LIGHTPIPE INTERFACE HAS BEEN RENDERED USELESS DUE TO MAC OS INCOMPATIBILITY, PRESONUS DEVICE SOFTWARE SUPPORT CONFLICT.


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