Professional Multi Camera Video Studio for Facebook Live Streaming


How to livestream to Facebook and YouTube (at the same time) using multiple cameras. Broadcasting a live show? Why not livestream it! Here’s how we do it for our webinars and how you can too ➡

*** Equipment Used ***

Blackmagic Web Presenter ➡

Neumann TLM 103 Microphone ➡

RODE PSA 1 Boom Arms ➡

XLR Cables ➡

Ikea Desk ➡

Soundproof Curtain ➡

Foam Padding ➡

Accent Lighting ➡

Behringer Zenyx 1222 USB Mixer ➡

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones ➡

RCA Cable ➡

Canon EOS C100 Camera ➡

Panasonic Lumix GH5 ➡

HDMI Cables ➡

SDI Cable ➡

HDMI to SDI Converter ➡

Chromecast ➡

*** Software Used *** ➡


Restream ➡

Google Drive ➡


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  1. I don`t understand why more than one camera, i understand close and open shots, but where is the switcher? The Computer to switch cameras? Ok but your arrangement is to dirty microphones are over desk for broadcast? I front of face?I don`t think so unlees you want to show the equipment but generally microphones should you put hidden or not between your shots

  2. Great video here, exactly what I was looking for. I got 2 questions!

    If you wanted to send the audio from your mixer to the blackmagic smart panel, could you run from the XLR main outs and using a converter, run the signal to an RCA at the blackmagic unit? My mixer doesn't have a RCA out like yours does.

    Second question, in efforts to acquire more than 2 camera angles but not wanting to purchase the more expensive black magic units because $$$, could you split the audio on the way out of the mixer to run to two separate blackmagic smart panel units, and then run both units into OBS for your live stream? Or can OBS only connect to one unit at a time?

    Hope that makes sense! Sorry still kind of new to the whole live streaming thing. Thanks again!

  3. Hey I have a question. How do I use a multiple camera without the cameras being close to each other or connected via long cables across the room. I've been looking for a solution for weeks and I'm pretty hard pressed as to what to do?

  4. I don’t understand one thing; you’ve two really expensive mics, but you’ve plugged them into a Behringer mixer. Behringer is great for the price, but it takes the experience away from the sound. Of course more kbs on the sound won’t be streamed, but why do you buy these expensive mics than?

  5. Very cool setup there, 🙂 i will say my setup its much more simple, 🙂 just have a small audio interface on my desk, a elgato pci-e to recording the output from my sony a6300 camara, but ofc i know we can se a big diff between my videos and your videos 100% 🙂 but i'm a software developer and i'm creating guide for people so my focus are in the content but still so nice setup there 😀

  6. We have guests on our podcast regularly. How could you use this exact same set up and implement a guest who would have to be piped in? We have used zoom up to this point but the quality of video and audio is limited. Thanks in advance. And your set up is fantastic

  7. OBS does everything without the interfaces.
    USB input for video and audio to laptop or pc.
    The "Elcheapo Behringer" mixers have USB mix output.


  9. Hello !

    Nice material ! May be so expensive… OBS Studio is an amazing Open Source software !

    To prompt the text, I recommand this open source professional software: Teleprompter :

    I have made a tutorial to use it :


  10. I’m putting together a set-up similar to yours for remote teaching via Zoom while the COVID-19 crisis persists: I plan to put one of my inputs (an iPad Pro screen capture) through a Blackmagic HDMI to USB Converter Mini. It’s the only way I can see to to get a second video signal into the Web Presenter. My camera is a C100 Mk II. Audio I plan to put into the Presenter XLR input via a Mix Pre-D. The Web Presenter itself will connect to a MacBook Pro via USB—of course. I have the gear on order but I keep reading old posts about audio delay issues. Was that an early bug? I wasn’t planning on using any additional software like OBS, just straight into Zoom. Do you think I’m likely to encounter audio sync issues? Sorry for all the questions! Thank you!

  11. thanks for the info, just a question… how you switch your multiple camera on the MAC… Theres a sowftare for that or OBS can recognoize each camera?

  12. excellent video, very appropriate for the ctualidad. I leave here this video to contribute to the knowledge of different tools:

  13. Very helpful, thanks! And perfect timing that I found this as I'm looking for a way to reach out to people at this Pandemic times.

  14. Hi, Great video thanks!!
    Is it possible to have 2 HDMI inputs? Or does that card only allow 1 HDMI, hence the need for the HDMI to SDI converter?

  15. Pretty much all i needed to know, thank you! But i have one question: is it possible to record both camera signals to save them as separate files with this setup you use?


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