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Say you want some peace but you make war
Problem is you reap what you pay for
Life could be a dream but you can’t afford
You be talking cheap

Got your mouth a runnin but you’re poppin lip for nothin
Always gunnin always comin with the cheap talk
Got your mouth a runnin but you’re poppin lip for nothin
Losin bags you be talkin cheap

Well what Susie says of Sally sayin more about herself
If that shit not up my alley to that bitch I say farewell
Really wanna spit that
Better get a tic tac
Bitches be addicted
Gettin in your business
She wanna

Stop your bag that gossip is a cock block
Spread like hot sauce til you got no taste buds
Can’t be mad you did that to yourself love
You be talkin cheap

I been keeping to myself riding high swerving haters
Heavy streaming doing well keeping pie on my table
I don’t wanna chit chat
I be chasin big racks
You be speaking no facts
You can have that shit back
Don’t let em

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  1. How has the Qveen not blown up yet? Still waiting for her to have her Lizzo moment where everyone realizes her songs are actually FIRE 🔥

  2. Im so glad, I decided to listen to Karmin after like 4 years and wondered what happened to you. IM LOVING THE SUCCESS LOOK AT THIS!

  3. I’ll admit when I’m not crazy about an artist. But I’ll also admit when they prove they’re fire.

  4. I dont know what i expected clicking on this video. But this is not what i expected. But it is something i needed

  5. Just watched like 5 of your vids and in every one of them i was stunned by how much i love your aesthetic. Like, not just fashion wise, but your content as well. A round of applause to you!

  6. Im gonna be honest here : THAT girl is the most talented female artist I’ve seen since a very long time . She can sing and rap extremely well . What a music diamond

  7. Czekaj a artysta to taki co wymyśli żeby w Kazimierzu tam gdzie ten wapień jest … wyrzezbic coś na grę świateł cienia lasery pokaż iluminacji takiej jakby …jak Wilanów … :* Czycta Skala z rzeźbami prezydentów czy cusś


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