Ross Jeffries on Inner Game


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Godfather of the seduction community Ross Jeffries teaches you how you can alter a women’s state of consciousness through language. In the full video, you will learn how to create states of excitement, fascination and excitement so that you can get the women you desire into bed.

In the full video, you will also learn:

-Why women see you through the emotions they feel for you

-How to build arousal and sexual energy through tension

-The secret to confidence and why your need for certainty is holding you back with women

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  1. I went to a weekend of coaching like 2 years ago. I came back something "traumatic" happened to the next weekend. Now I've been f**ked ever since and dont know what to do.

    And watches all these self help videos etc is just a form of self torture for me

  2. PUA is rarely enough. If you don't wana keep falling back into this kinda rut everytime you fuck up things with a woman, you have to stop giving such a huge fuck about succeeding with women and stop pedestalising them. That's the problem with PUA. They talk about not pedestalising women all the time, whilst focusing and defining themselves almost entirely on success with women. There's more to life.

  3. There is no “Bad“ you and a “good“ you. Sometimes you might be more extroverted and sometimes more introverted. Sometimes you are confident and sometimes not. This is completely Natural and you should Not Try to force yourself into a specific mood. This will only make you desperate in the end, when you realise that you cant keep your confident-Shape in every situation. Real confidence comes from accepting who you are in all your shapes and beeing cool with it.
    the guy in the Video should have said: Shit it seems like >I< have lost the number. Its ok, because it is as much a part of my Charakter as my player Part, which allowed me to get this Girl easily.


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