Skateboarding Tricks WITHOUT Skateboard. Skaters use Axe, Shovel, Brick, Stic, PSP 2020


Skateboarding Tricks WITHOUT Skateboard. Skaters use Axe, Shovel, Brick, Stic, PSP 2020

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In this video I want to show you very intresting video. In this episode you can see skaters who do skateboarding tricks without skateboarding
You know that skateboarding it’s not just hard sport but also fun part of your life
Actually this is very funny movie and you’ll like it. I hope so.
Enjoy this video and love skateboarding

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Hi there! and I glad to welcome you in the Youtubs favorite channel of Skateboarding – Extreme Channel.
On this channel you can see meny videos of skateboarding from all around the worls. On our channel we always try to do only qualitative compilation.
Evry week we get a new compilation, such as – Skateboarding Tricks, These Skaters are Loser, Lucky Moments Caught on Camera, Like a Boss and more ect.
Skatebarding it’s international sport and we to try be contributing to the skateboarding in society.

Thank you for your suport guys.


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  1. 1:53 thats a skateboard i have it its just diffrent way of moving on it.
    Just so you know.No hate 🙂

  2. like 90% of this video uses a skateboard. longboards and cruisers, mini decks and practice boards are still skateboards. Even the dudes on the thin pieces of plywood are technically on a skateboard too, being as that is what some of the first skateboards were. if its wood and has wheels on it.. its a skateboard. It may be an old school board but it's still a board. Should be called "Skateboard tricks WITH skateboards and miscellaneous objects" key word being WITH.


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