SKULL AND BONES Official Trailer (E3 2017) Pirates Game HD


SKULL AND BONES Official Trailer (E3 2017) Pirates Game HD
© 2017 – Ubisoft

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  1. The game looks interesting I would probably buy but Sea of thieves has got me hooked and now I’ve had enough Pirate this year

  2. The people complaining about a female pirate do realize there really were female pirates right XD so silly. This trailer is awesome tho love the song

  3. I just really hoped this would be a remaster of sea dogs 2… if they would take the build 14 mod and perfect it with these graphics while giving you the option to play as practically any pirate you would like… man i would bang my next payslip on their counter just to have such a game…

  4. How come nobody can recreate the feel & play of the original "Pirates Gold" by Sid Meir..?! That's all I want, just a beautiful game like "Skull & Bones" but with the feel & play of "Pirates Gold". It's my opinion that all the pirate themed games that hav come since , even the new release of "Pirates Gold".. all miss the mark. Aside from the obvious thing's in "Pirates Gold".. the not so obvious differences that all these other games miss, arr that the life span of a pirate was typically short, less than 2yrs more often than not, & you could feel that tension in the game. The second thing most game makers miss is what I call the "coming -out un-scathed" condition. In "Pirates Gold", as time went by.. your character became older & depending on how well he'd done in ship battle & personal hand to hand combat.. would appear as either a handsome Swashbuckler or a grizzled battle scarred frightful looking sea dawg. Also, where's the open ocean..? It's nice to see them reintroducing the wind.. but where's the open ocean where I can set a heading & it takes mucho time to get to the destination..?!
    Nope, all these new games look & appear absolutely gorgeous.. no question..! At the same time though, games makers hav their heads in they're posterior buttock's..!

  5. The lead designers of this a middle aged flabby neck beards with low testosterone so I'm not surprised they want to pander to PC culture and put a chick captain in the game who ever the fools made a crucial mistake and made her a 10.. Everyone knows female protagonists can't be above a 4

  6. I was kinda hyped for this game, then i saw this and it looks just like a certain earlier assassins creed game…

  7. i love the idea for this game… but ubisoft is garbage and will fuck it up with glitches, bugs, and an all around unfinished game.

  8. Was the end of that an homage to Risen 2? The patch looked like the main Risen 2 guy's patch and there was a sea monster.

  9. If You Create Pirates Game, Why You Don't Just Create Pirates of Caribbean Games Ubisoft!!!!😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎

  10. I love how they are catering to feminists who will never play this game. Never going to buy this game.


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