Studio Apartment Layout Ideas – How to Make Your Studio Cohesive


Are you stumped when it comes to studio apartment layout ideas for your space? Wondering how to make your studio cohesive while avoiding making it look like a hodgepodge of stuff?

Deciding on your studio apartment furniture layout is one of the trickiest parts of studio apartment life. But it can be simpler than you think! In this video, I walk you through 3 studio interior styling rules you can implement in your studio apartment decor that will help you make your studio cohesive.

If you’re looking for studio apartment inspo, wondering if you even need studio apartment dividers to create separation in your space, and you’re dying to make your studio apartment feel like home, watch this video along with the rest of my Living Pretty episodes for studio apartment inspiration and more!



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***Note: A lot of the stuff in my apartment was purchased when I moved in 3 years ago. If something isn’t listed below, it means it’s no longer available to buy.

Fiona Apple canvas print:
Listen to the Wind Blow poster print:
Tree Rings print:
Tordis Kayma foggy trees prints: //
Jessica Roux magnolia wall hanging:
Letter board:

West Elm Urban Sofa in Heathered Tweed, Charcoal:
Pier 1 velvet armchair in Zinc Gray:
Desk in black-brown:

Comforter on my bed (I turn mine upside down, hiding the pleats):
Rug in my bathroom:
Rug in my living room and bedroom areas:

Cobain Unseen:
The Jim Morrison Scrapbook:
Garbage – This is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake:
The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule Historia:
1000 Record Covers:
Death Note – Black Edition:



Psychedelic State by Marshall C Mello




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  1. Thank you watching! If you have any questions about styling a studio apartment, ask away in the comments and I'll give you my two cents!

  2. Ok this is cool but my studio is about 300 sq foot and it’s not that wide like yours and it’s not really long either

  3. You are the first apartment-advice video gal that isn't super anoying and seems like she has a brain. Thank you for this pleasent video. Ps. Those framed wave-forms are dope.

  4. Concept of a studio is a lot different in Kenya (commonly known as bedsitters) but your advice/ rules is very much just as helpful.

  5. My studio apartment is divided into a living area and kitchen and a partition for bedroom and bathroom. Should i paint different colours for each room or maintain one colour?

  6. I’m obsessed with ur studio 😍👏🏻 I normally don’t even like that color scheme/vibe but this is it 👌🏻

  7. I am blown away to how beautiful this studio apartment is. Like where do I begin. I have so many questions, how do you fit all those beautiful little furnitures in that studio. How do you organize and colour coordinate everything so perfectly, how long did it take you to get all that done. Where do you shop for furnitures. This is the best studio apartment I’ve seen period!

    Ps: New Subscriber by the way😁

  8. I’m moving to a studio with a exposed brick wall, so I’m planning on a white, light wood and burnt yellow decoration, your style inspired me a lot 💛

  9. I seriously can't say thank you enough for this video. I feel like I've been stuck trying to redecorate my studio apartment… and have been only seeing makeover videos here on YouTube, but not many people take the time to explain stuff the way you did! So informative! Thank you. You just got a new subscriber!! 🙂

  10. Never seen a studio done so beautiful and elegant and colors so vibrant n love the tiles about theme visually ! Takcre n stay safe !

  11. Great video, I found a retro coffee table I love I'm going to get and some awesome photos to add to the ones I already have im5so excited

  12. Wow! Finally , an informative and entertaining video to watch. My question is my bed placing. I’m into feng shui and it states that one should see the entrance when in bed. Do you think that’s important? Or what should I focus on when placing my bed?

  13. Just moved into a studio that happens to be shaped very similarly to yours. I've been using your tips to carefully design it in a visually appealing way. Your videos have been great and soo helpful!

  14. Love the rain, love a well decorated house, love fog and depressing art and love Brandy?

    Well hello soul sister! 🙂



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