StudioFOW Music Video – "Rumors" about the Subverse


This may be an action music video, but it’s from 18+ content I had to go trough a lot of *erhm* “interesting material” to put this together. It was fun and challenging but I wanted to show off StuidoFOW’s talent with modeling in a game sense. This is because of their new game they are making “Subverse” which is currently up on Kickstarter for a few more days.

I had to look into the company if I was gonna support a project and I realized these peeps know how to make models fight each other. Now I know Subverse wont be anything like this but the cutscenes will be A+++ that’s for sure and if it does well who’s to say they don’t expand from Subverse into other fields of gaming? Congrats people on raising over 2mil for their project!! I hope your all excited as me!

Either way if you enjoyed the video *LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, REPLAY, THE WORKS* I would really appreciate it. I’m trying to do this kinda regularly and need people to actually push the buttons, means a lot for helping me grow and getting my videos higher up in the searches. So yeah if you could do that, gratitude is shown.

I cant link their website directly cause of the nature of the website, but big thanks to the peeps over at StudioFOW who gave me the ok to use their videos for this projects. Website is in credits and throughout the vid if you somehow missed it 😛
Here is their youtube channel I can link & the discord:

Want to be clear this is a fan video.

Special Shoutout to “TheGamerTronShow” if he hadnt made a video about this kickstarter project “Subverse” this music video probably wouldnt have happened.

Song: “Rumors” (copywrite free)
Artist: NEFFEX

Have a good one, later & thanks.


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  1. Really going to be an interesting game. I pledged the kickstarter, if only to raise the middle finger to the AAA gaming industry that keeps shitting on us.


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