Terroir EP01: New Vintage – Wine Making Tycoon Simulator – Green Hagen


Let’s play Terroir! Terroir is a relaxing wine-making simulator that has come a long way since release last year. Let’s take a look at this fun wine tycoon game and see what new changes have been added since release. There is now an AI component, as well as a wine log to track the progress of our grapes. Speaking of grapes, two new wine varieties have been added, along with a number of new buildings and some other cool features we’ll discover as we play. General Interactive Co is a small game development team and Terroir is their first game. Start with a small winery and a couple of plots of land and make your way up to a prestigious vineyard dominating the market. There’s always something to work on and look at in Terroir. This is an early access game that is still in development, so who knows how it will turn out?

You can buy Terroir from Steam for $9.99!

Check out their website for more info!

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People tell me that I should share my PC specs. So here they are:
Processor – Intel Core i7-6700K CPU@4.00 GHz
Ram – 32 GB
Video Card – Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Mouse – Elecom Trackball Mouse M-XT3UR
Keyboard – Easterntimes Tech I900 Mechanical Keyboard
Headset/Mic – Corsair Gaming VOID RGB USB Headset
Cat – Mr. Bigglesworth, Orange, DOB Spring 2002.

Check out the Terroir subreddit where the developer hangs out and engages with the community!

Nguồn: https://rozanighani.com/

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  1. phylloxera can and will kill the vines, you can get a upgrade that you can spray for them. it just makes the vines take longer to die.

    In real life a chemical does exist that can be put into the ground that kills phylloxera.

  2. Nice to see you do this game again. Also, thanks for the recommendation of Hello from the Magic Tavern, great podcast. No! I am squishing your face!


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