Terroir – Winemaking Tycoon


Terroir is a tycoon game about managing a vineyard, which you might assume would be relaxing. Which it would be, if the bloody weather, wine critics and grapes would all just cooperate…

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Fanfare for Space, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Jon, you, Dan, and Matt all know where you could be planting the crops, you could have planted them in WINE COUNTRY!

  2. I don't think you actually sell rotten grapes. I am pretty sure it just decreases your yield for every month it has had fungal rot while growing. So wine that had fungal rot isn't any worse wine.

  3. you’ve got to use the sheers to cut away the leaves early, when the grapes are exposed they gain ripeness. the trick is timing it so it doesn’t get too high

  4. "Wine must" is a thing. "<" is "less", not "greater".
    And on the point of acidity: have you actually never drank white wine in your entire life?
    You keep talking about acid like it is something unnatural and as if you don't consume lots of it daily.

  5. I just googled "winemaking the must" and a Wikipedia article on Must was literally the first result. Time to change your search engine, Jon, ma'boy!

  6. Beaucoup un vrainerd… I'm not even two minutes in and I'm dying. Then again, if I were to name a vineyard after my family name it would seem equally ridiculous since my family name is literally just "the vine" in french.

  7. For games like this I have a desk drawer of 18 small memo pads to write reviews, stats, and variables of the year. I find it helps.

  8. When you have too little sun you cut the foliage and keep it low so it ripens as well as it can. If you get too much sun with a lot of rain you let the foliage grow but keep it trimmed a little to stop it getting too sweet. Your not trimming your foliage in this video low enough with the weather you were getting.

  9. So, Terroir is not pronounced ter-or, it's pronounced tay-hg-ra… There's 3 r's and you only half pronounce one of them. I swear either the French just use a dart board to spell things or this is some national joke to infuriate the world.

  10. Must is to wine as mash is to beer

    And tannins are the compounds from the skin of the grapes that make the wine feel sort of dry and sticky in your mouth

  11. You get tannins in tea Jon, you should know about tannin. Call yourself British… ;-p

    Loving the fact you're buying new areas without having made any money what-so-ever and no idea whether you'll make a profit or not…

  12. You know I love the action packed stressful always on the edge of your seat games like survival fallout and skyrim, but it's always nice to have a peaceful relaxing totally not stressful game Luke this on the channel.

  13. You have the worst short term memory ever, Jon. The worst. Holy shit. You keep figuring out what to do, and then not doing it, making the same mistakes, year after year after year.
    This is painful to watch. I learned more about making wine than you did.

  14. To get more ripeness you need to cut down the foliage to a minimum. A bit to no foliage increase the ripeness, too much foliage reduces it and optimal keeps it at the same level.


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