Terroir – Zurple Drank Inc! – Let's Play Terroir Gameplay


Terroir Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Terroir and produce mad volumes of wine as we endeavor towards that greatest of quests : getting the world smashed!

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  1. So you sold to  one company for $41.00 a bottle when the others were offering $46.00 a bottle. How that making Money? Sell to all as they all have some great advantages. Also don't sell all of your 5 star bottles as help earnings when the harvest is bad. Great lets play enjoying muchly.

  2. Those top 2 were stuck with the shitty wine, but the bottom one had instantly sold all those good bottles, so you could have sold to them at a premium when they still had +2 relationship bonus.

  3. Splat did you edit in the correct division answer after the fact? Lol if you did you are awesome. "don't worry if you can't do math in your head, neither can i".

  4. I can just imagine the bottle with a tophatted lil' jon right on it frozen going 'YEA" – Sideshow 2017. Cheddah Staxx better show up soon. Please keep playing this Splat


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