THE DREAM TEAM | Rainbow Six Siege w/ Wildcat and BasicallyIdoWrk


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BasicallyIdoWrk (Orange):
Wildcat (Green):
Grouse (Yellow):
MooSnuckel (Turquoise):
TuxBird (Blue):


Ephxia – Dreamstate:


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  1. 3:32 It's funny how Moo Said while Wildcat was snaking around, "Stay Low," With I'm pretty sure isa a MW Reference

  2. if you could throw hostages in siege like you can throw people in fortnite you could weaponize the hostage

  3. Today I was in two games with this exceptionally toxic guy. He trash talked after winning a game, no big deal in my book. After that my team was losing 0-2, and then we turned it around with a 3-2 victory. He decided to call my entire team cheaters and "reported" us. And of course next game I play against them again and he's trying to convice the other players that I'm cheating. Everyone quickly realised that he was a toxic piece of shit.

    The funniest thing of all is that he apparently reported everyone and made it very clear that he did, then I said "OP reported for Chat abuse".

    I don't have any shame putting their username there since he was a piece of shit. I doubt anyone would be able to figure put who it was by their username alone, escpecially since I only used two letters of his name.

  4. Me seeing wildcat and marcel playing r6 is just me seeing black ops fuckers with lean physics and "tactical shit"
    care package from rook

  5. 11:15 this could not be more true than today , i cant get out of gold elo but im a diamond slayer its not skill its playstyle you need ripparoni pepperoni

  6. i dont think Basically and Wildcat have ever been exposed to the level of shitposting that Badger and Grouse can bring

  7. I never understood the dekabi phone thing, for example after the first one I would just either throw the phone or take the battery out.

  8. badger explaining cav interrogation

    marcel: and they all just happened to be standing right next to him?

    grouse and badger at the same time : yup


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