The Game Boy Advance – Review – Game Sack


Episode 262 – Let’s take a focused look at Nintendo’s 32-bit handheld wonder. Is it worthy of the Game Boy lineage?

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  1. I think you let the first version off a little lightly. I got the original version and trying to find somewhere bright enough to see the screen properly with no backlighting was such a hassle. The xp onwards though were solid and j still love advance wars

  2. Nintendo heavily advertised the fact that this was a 32-bit handheld. And, like a sucker I was, I thought that meant we were going to to be getting games at the quality level of a PS1 console. Nope!! Most of these game like like 16-bit games, maybe with a bit more detail, but definitely not PS1 levels of 3D. Most of the games are 2D, and the 3D is very poor compared to a PS1. Driver 2 is a great example of disappointment. I was expecting the full PS1 game of Driver 2 on my GBA since it's a 32-bit console, but it's heavily downgraded. I think biggest disapointment beside the unpowered graphics was how Nintendo mostly put remakes on the GBA. Why did they choose to remake all the old 2D Mario games and not make a cool new "32-bit" Mario game?! Also there was only 1 new Zelda game and it wasn't even made by Nintendo! There were way too many remakes on this system, and I didn't want to buy games I already own and played for years before the GBA version. Ultimately the GBA was my least played console because it was soon replaced with a PSP after just a couple years. I didn't find the GBA a very comfortable console to play on, either. I had the original model GBA and even it good lighting the colors looked really washed out and the screen was darker than a Game Boy Color. They really ruined the screen and even though they corrected this with the GBA SP, I found the GBA SP very uncomfortable to hold.

  3. The sound was always poor on the GBA, I didn't pay much attention though, the graphics looked great on the SP especially the 101 model.

  4. That right said Fred interpretation made me spit my soda having it come out my nose I wasn't ready for that lmao

  5. Hey! How come you don’t think the GBA is capable of killer soundtracks?!? Because it is duh! The Game Boy Advance was totally capable of producing kickass music and many awesome soundfonts! (Not forgiving Joe for what he said about Alien Wars EX as he pisses me off sometimes) Who else agrees with me?!? Not to mention, that fuzziness doesn’t bother me at all! Does it to you? It sure as hell doesn’t to me. Many GBA games are great and had awesome soundtracks to it, even its SNES ports/remakes which don’t need to be restored sounding like the SNES, it sounds awesome just the way it is.

  6. I remember buying a GBA from blockbuster a short while after It released, I took it back after a couple of days though because I just couldn't get on with the non back-lit screen, was a real shame. I think I brought it with Kuru Kuru Kururin which is a gem of a game, so it was a shame I couldn't deal with the screen. I still play Kuru Kuru Kururin to this day though, such an addictive game, it's a shame that the sequels are Japan only games, especially the Gamecube one Kururin Squash, the GBA sequel Kururin Paradise has an English translated ROM though but the Cube game doesn't as yet, I'd love it if someone with the know how was able to make an English version of Kururin Squash.

  7. I'm a big fan of this ~40 min style of review. It's nice to not feel like you're talking at 1.5x speed, trying to hustle me along to the next video.


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