Tiny NYC Apartment Tour!! SPACE SAVING TIPS for Studio Apartments


New York City Apartment Tour. These are my top space saving hacks for my tiny NYC studio Apartment!

FULL Apartment Tour:

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018

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  1. My top Space Saving tips for living in a tiny apartment! NEXT weeks video is an apartment tour of a very unique space in NYC with a special guest on the channel! Happy Sunday

  2. I live on 31 square meters in copenhagen with my boyfriend – its thight but it works out just fine

  3. The problem with take in n out furnitures is I would eventually too lazy /weak and just either leave it out or not use it at all

  4. I lived in New York City for a couple years because my grandfather worked here and i lived with him (hes kind of rich because he is a diplomatic so we lived in a pretty nice duplex)

  5. It is funny what the USA considers tiny. Here in Mumbai, that apartment is average sized. I grew up in an apartment of that size with my parents.

  6. It's like a comedy of errors: I have this murphy bed … oh crap I dinged it. I have this bike rack … oh crap it fell off.

  7. A loft bed would make a lot more sense, then you can put a dresser or the desk underneath.. Sure the Murphy bed "opens up the room" when it's put up, but you can't really do anything with the space because in a few hours you're putting the bed back down. But that would kill the concept of him waking up and looking at himself (oh yeah – "the New York skyline" – LOL) first thing.


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