Tips and Tricks Terroir – First Few Hours of Gameplay Guide and Making Money- Terroir Letsplay


Todays Tale sees me playing Terroir, a Wine making simulation game.

I try to talk about what i have learnt from playing Terroir for a few hours and the things i wish i knew when i started playing. Also I show a 5 star wine I manage to make and how I then make money of it.

I am hoping to pick up some tips and tricks as I play through the Verious stages of Terroir.


Terroir is a 3D tile-based tycoon game where you manage your very own vineyard. In Terroir, you grow a variety of different grape varietals, craft your wine, and expand and manage your Chateau. You’ll also have to deal with factors such as weather and random events, which can either make or break your business.
Some of the game’s features and mechanics include:

Choose from a selection of different grape varieties, each with their own demands
Dynamic weather system patterned after the Bordeaux wine region’s climate.
Each complete playthrough lasts 100 in-game years, but Players can continue playing without contributing to their final score.
Craft wine through the game’s 4 winemaking processes: Crushing, Fermentation, Pressing and Ageing. Each type of grape needs to be crafted a certain way to achieve the best results, so you’ll have to learn and master each one.
Start out with a single planting tile, then expand your Chateau to up to 33 tiles, using 6 different tile types. Some tiles affect the ones around it, so placement is key.
Coming Soon: CHANCE & CIRCUMSTANCE: Terroir’s random event and mission system. Players can open the Mystery Box and choose between CHANCE (a random event that could either have a positive or undesirable outcome) or CIRCUMSTANCE (a mission that a Player completes for rewards, or gets penalized for failing).
Clean, minimalist design and gorgeous low-poly 3D models.

Put on your field gloves, grab a pair of pruning shears and build your Chateau literally from the ground up. Good luck, and cheers!


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  1. Thanks for doing a video on this game! Would have never know this game existed. You should do links to the games you review, so maybe you can get a commission


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