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  1. I know Toronto is expensive because a lot of people want to live there but that is still insane to me that you pay $3000 a month

  2. Hi! Loved everything about your studio. Are you able to provide the amazon version of the pendant? It’s so beautiful. Thank you!

  3. When I first saw the room divider I was worried that the acoustics might be difficult because of the reflective surfaces, but you used acrylic instead of glass so it must be fine. Clever! It looks gorgeous in any case. Congratulations on a beautiful, cosy and functional home! Happy for you 🙂

  4. Wow, $2500,- CAD to $3000,- CAD for that size in a city 😲⁉
    That's dirt cheap, you lucky so and go's, I'm definitely green with jealousy now.

    In Amsterdam you pay around €4000,- to €6000,- for a closet sized apartment even "remotely" near the centrum irl, without services and utilities included.
    Someting the size of what you got there and in the centrum (downtown) of Amsterdam,…that be over €11000,- at least (probably way more idk),….i'm moving xD.

    Great apartment guy's 👍.

  5. Lovely! It's amazing how that warm aqua and beige pink transform the feel of the bathroom. Thanks for discussing cost. 3k is less than average for 900 sq feet, especially with high ceiling and so much light. Most cities, that would cost closer to 5k. The sculptural lamp is a necessary and playful touch. The mustard velvet couch also helps to soften the industrial feel. The bedroom solution worries me – is it flammable? I've seen similar structures with closable curtains,(wooden decorative frame), that allow for more cross-ventilation. Aren't curtains the Worst!? So darn Expensive.

  6. Oh my goodness, I was watching and I'm like "why is that so familiar to me?!" I worked out of that studio when it was still a studio studio back in the day. Really love what you've done with the space!

  7. Your apartment is what I consider the highest level of modernity for me; cozy, clean, and colorful at the same time. Fantastic!

  8. I love Toronto. That's the closest thing to a big city near where I live in Buffalo. It feels very much like a Canadian New York City.

  9. ur home makes me so happy. this is amazing and so inspirational and im only 17 going to college ! but anyhow this is truly beautiful. so much thought and effort and collaboration and i adore this !

  10. The tabletop planters/bowls are by a Danish brand called By Lassen and the 'style' is called kubus if anyone wanted to buy them. I love the style of them myself ☺️☺️

  11. Wow that's expensive. A majority of people will never live like that. Roughly $8000 a month? That almost $100,000 a year just for a roof over your head.


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