Unlimited Ninja/Ninja World/Anime Ninja – Recruiting The Seventh Hokage [VIP0]


Hello Guys 🙂 This time i going to replace Hidan & Kakuzu, with 7th Hokage Naruto. i think i not going to change this formation for a while ..and i going to buy new ninja in market using gold instead. but for that i have to do growth Fund First. for Unlimited Challange i going to use the point to get New Gear and Acs. well there still a few ninja that i still not get ‘UC’. in this acc. well i think i gonna save it for latter. and focus to make my main acc reach 20M BP “Finally Clear Jutsu Lab” .. and i hope you enjoy watching This Video 🙂

Song In This Video 🎶

– Syn Cole – Feel Good (NCS Release)

– Defqwop – Heart Afire (feat, Strix) (NCS Release)

– Unknown Brain – Superhero (feat, Chris Linton) (NCS Release)

– Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat, Coleman Trapp) (NCS Reelaese)

– Lost Sky – Dreams (NCS Release)

– Jim Yosef Alex Akrindo – Ruby (NCS Release)

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  1. Uh? Why only 6k gold? My vip0 is at 170k gold and 52m BP T-T It's a bit weak yours to be 1 year and more old D:

  2. Respect you for get a better ninja than hidan kakuzu.And enough gold to get a spiritual beast keep it up. 🙂


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