Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut (NDS) Walkthrough Part 1 With Commentary


Victorious Hollywood Arts Debut (NDS) Walkthrough Part 1 With Commentary
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Victorious: Hollywood Arts Debut for the Nintendo DS immerses players in Hollywood Arts High School, where they attend a full year as a new student and enjoy adventures alongside Tori, André, Cat, and the Victorious gang. For the first time, players can attend the school and experience classes and funny situations, pulled right from the show in the form of dynamic, replayable mini-games that exist in freeplay and story Mode. The unique and hilarious setup allows players to decide their fate so they can rise to fame by earning a lead role in the Big Showcase, the biggest performance of the year!

It was released on November 23rd, 2011.


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  1. Its 3:22 am….why am i here

    A few years ago when i was younger i saw my cousin playing this on her ds….and i watched this so yeah XD…..oof this comment was kinda pointless whatever😂

  2. Its 8:12 am. I still haven’t slept. Am i dead… start a comment section like this if its way past midnight.

    Btw for some reason victorious popped in my head and i really wanted to see if yhere was a game


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