Washers Game Boxes and Rules


I made myself a Washers set. Its a fun game. Enjoy!

Our videos are for entertainment purposes only. Do not try to recreate them!

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  1. Nice build, and explaining the point system, but you did not mention how far away you have to be away from the box when you toss the washer.

  2. What is the inside measurement of the box and how deep is each box and if I use PVC pipe how tall does it have to be the same height as the box I suppose so it can close and also what size washers are you using measure the inches

  3. Probably and extremely simple answer but what did you make your magnetic rods with I like how slim they are. And color coded

  4. Never heard of one team getting a point if their washer is covering an opponent's washer inside the box. I've always seen washers inside the box cancel each other, and it be irrelevant if one washer is covering another.


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