We Review this Staring Contest App | What's App-ening?!?


Patti and Katie review the app Watching Cute Girl, the perfect app for staring into blank eyes.
Watching Cute Girl: the Scariest app ever.
Check this out!!!

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  1. pretty sure if i did d/l this app I couldnt show anyone as a man, they would call the police on me
    cute girls nods head

  2. I think the idea that Patti was 'exposed to raw Hawaiian Punch extract at birth" is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

  3. These girls are visually and mentally repulsive… They must be feminists. And no the slow one with black hair is NOT an asian, not even sure why she lied about that. I live in japan and she would seem so out of place here, like a special needs citizen.


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