Wisconsin vs. Kentucky: 2015 Final Four | FULL GAME


Multiple future NBA players went head-to-head in this 2015 Final Four semifinal between Wisconsin and Kentucky, where the Badgers took down the undefeated Wildcats (38-0), 71-64.

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  1. Kentucky had an opportunity to put them away but we not gonna act like Wisconsin ain’t get favorable calls with under 5 min left in this game

  2. Yo I’m an Aussie and I love US College sports, it’s very interesting and wish Australia had the same concept. Go Oregon Ducks respect to America ✊

  3. Wisconsin won that game. the better team that day. but the only team that was going to beat Duke in the finals was UK.. Wisconsin choked

  4. Man these refs were awful. Terrible calls/missed calls on both ends and why tf was Booker not playing for like 10 minutes in the second half

  5. Remember that I picked the final 4 correctly this year, which was crazy because it was a 1, 1, 1, and a 7. Michigan state surprised everyone that year. I picked Wisconsin to beat duke which I regretted lol.

  6. I stay six feet from people because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but I've always stayed at least ten feet from swirly-eyed Kentucky fans. Haha!

  7. The year before this game, being up by two then to lose to a game winning shot by this Kentucky team in the final 4, just to come back the next year against the same team who is undefeated at 38-0 and beat them. This was Wisconsin’s championship game.

  8. This waz like a double dagger to us UK fans, lose a perfect season in the final four, then Duke wins it all….

  9. Kentucky went cold offensively the last 6 or so minutes of this game, they scored at about the 6 and half mark and didn't score again until their were 56 seconds left in the game, and they had at least 3 shot clock violations in that span, not to mention that shot clock violation against Wisconsin that was not called, bottom line things went from really good to really bad for Kentucky at the end of the game and it cost them a shot at undefeated season (BTW i am not a fan of either teams just calling it like I see it)

  10. As a Florida fan I loved watching this game live, thanks Wisconsin even though u guys didn’t win the National Championship

  11. Nothing tops the memory of sprinting from my apartment on Butler to State Street screaming with joy along with the rest of Madison. I’m beyond lucky to have been a Junior during this incredible season. On Wisconsin

  12. Wisconsin thought they would go all the way. I don't like Duke. I so cheered when Wisconsin lost. Refs turned the game on them.

  13. When have a ref miss a shot clock violation in any other game? Answer – It never has happened. Wisconsin guard went to save a ball and his foot was on the line with a ref standing right there. What ref has ever allowed this in any games. Well, it happened in this game. Wisconsin fans was having a good time after this game saying Kentucky fans were sore losers, saying the refs didn't cheat for them. After they played Duke…😂 and it happened to them.😂😂😂 I was so glad they felt the same hurt and they complained as well. Duke always get the refs help. I knew it was going to happen. I knew, if that game was close, Duke was going to take it. Maybe, I should say the refs was going to take it.

  14. Dekker’s shot is still one of the most cold blooded shots I’ve ever seen. That shot into the charge was so clutch.

  15. It hurts. But time and perspective does wonders. At the end of the day, Kentucky had one the best college teams of all time, went up against probably one of two teams that was a matchup nightmare for them and did not hit shots at the end. UW had great defense and straight up play makers. It's a missed opportunity, but in the NCAA tournament ANYTHING can happen. It's why teams should relish any National Championships they have, because it aint easy to win six in a row in a single game elimination tournament.

    Kentucky will get #9, it's not a matter of if, but when!

  16. Man Cal keeping Andrew Harrison in at the end to protect his draft stock just is so poetic. Losing a shot at history bc you put one player above the rest of the team, the program, the fans, etc. And what good did that do for Harrison? He’s not even good enough to play in the NBA. lost a lot of respect for Cal after that game. Haven’t been to a Final 4 since, and that player first, team second philosophy is the reason why.


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